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Gelmar accessories create a practical bathroom

If you haven't yet seen the products that Gelmar offer, take a look at these practical bathroom storage ideas using Gelmar fittings.


We all dream of having a beautiful bathroom, a place to retreat to and relax after a hard day's work. The truth is that most of us have to make do with a plain 3 metre square room that's filled with sanitary ware with hardly any space to move around.

If you're looking to give your small bathroom an instant makeover, take a look at the range of bathroom accessories you will find at any Gelmar store. Designed for affordability, there are quite a few accessories that offer practical storage solutions and look good too!

Storage in a shower

The shower can get pretty cluttered with accessories if you don't have any storage. Installing a shower storage rack will free up lots of space and keep all your shower essentials at hand, so you don't have to grope around with soap in your eyes to find what you need.

Towels on hand

Bath and hand towels hanging on doors is definitely not the look you want for a bathroom. It's so easy to install a towel rail or towel holder and to have all your towels where you need them - mount one next to the bath, or place a towel holder outside the shower door, and your bathroom will look all the better for it. And with affordable prices like these, you can add as many towel rails as you like!

Practical storage solutions

Bahroom counters don't need to be piled up with clutter if you install practical storage. A single shelf above or next to a bathroom vanity will keep your surface clutter free but still be easy to access.

Free up valuable countertops by adding accessories that can be mounted onto a wall.

Pop into your nearest Gelmar store to check out the full range of bathroom accessories - or visit their website - and free up space in your bathroom.



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