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Think About Underfloor Heating For A Warm, Luxurious Bathroom

I am seriously considering the installation of underfloor heating in my freezing bathroom and want to consider all the options...




A few years back when I tiled my bedroom and dressing room, I opted for underfloor heating at the same time. I had done some research and there was a 50/50 division of opinion between those that said it worked out hideously expensive and those that said it was the best thing they ever did. I took the plunge and haven't looked back since then. My electricity bill didn't skyrocket at all, and if you manage and control the temperature you actually save money on heating using electric heaters and blankets.






One thing I can say, installing underfloor heating offers a level of luxury underfoot that cannot be achieved in any other way. So, if you are considering underfloor heating but are sitting on the fence and unable to make a decision, here are some points that might sway you:




The bathroom isn't the warmest room in a house, and in winter it can be downright freezing to spend time in a bathroom. What with all the cold tile all over the place. Underfloor heating, also known as radiant floor heating, has been around for quite some time. Over the years, the technology has advanced and, with proper installation and conservative use, it is becoming more popular.

Installing underfloor heating may seem more of a luxury than a necessity, but is worth it if you control the temperature and be sensible about usage. Either way, adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom is not a bad idea.









More people are starting to prefer radiant floor heating because of their heating capability that requires minimal energy use. For those who want to try it, there are two types of radiant floor heating: the electric and water-based heating systems. Both types provide the same end goal, but they work differently. In electric systems, heated wires installed underneath will radiate heat into the floor. This process warms up the room. In water-based systems, pipes connected to a boiler will circulate warm water beneath the floor and this is what heats the space.





1. Provides Comfort

Comfort is the first obvious reason that comes to mind when thinking of having a heated bathroom floor installed. They keep you and any other thing in the bathroom warm, thus creating a more comfortable bathroom experience.


2. Energy-efficient When Used Responsibly

Heated bathroom floors are more energy-efficient than air conditioning units. Underfloor heating retains heat on the floor better than traditional methods because the heat produced doesn't have a breakout route.

Radiant floors only take a few minutes to heat, and they need low temperatures of about 29 degrees Celsius to heat the room. As a result, heated floors can save you up to 15% on utility bills.


3. Works With Different Flooring Types

Underfloor heating is not dependent on one type of flooring. Heating can be done on multiple flooring types, and they can also allow for customization.

Tile and stone are considered the best flooring type for bathroom underfloor heating because of their high thermal conductivity. If you have this type of flooring, the better it is for you. But regardless of this advantage, heating systems can also work as well for other flooring types. Ask for experts in bathroom floor heating for top-notch services or related questions.


4. Uniform Heating

There are no cold spots in radiant floor heating. The heated floor uniformly heats the entire floor and anything else present in the bathroom, hence creating a more balanced heated environment.

In traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, there's more heat near the unit. But as you move farther away from the unit, it often gets colder. This is not the case in underfloor heating as the heat is evenly distributed across the bathroom.


5. Silent Operation

If you've used a forced-air system, you do know it can be noisy. If you don't want noise in the bathroom, then it's time to consider converting to a heated floor bathroom. Radiant floor systems are quiet and won't disturb your shower.


6. Full Control Over Heating System

With this kind of system, you have full control over everything. You can turn the system on or off anytime you want to use the bathroom. You also have control of when to turn on the heat and how long you want the bathroom to be heated.
There's also a timer option that helps you set the exact time you want your bathroom to start heating. This feature can be helpful if you always work with fixed schedules.


7. Requires Minimal Maintenance

Radiant floor heating is made to last for a long time. They can last for over 20 years, and some even come with a 25-year warranty. If fitted properly, you can forget about having to change the heating system anytime soon. If any issue arises, then your warranty can help you get your system restored in no time.

Radiant floor heating is also easy to install. You can even treat it as a DIY project.







8. Adds To Property Value

If you rent out property or are planning to buy or sell a house, then you know that the bathroom is one of the essential places that needs to be on point to increase selling odds.

Having installed heated flooring will give you the upper hand when selling property; who doesn't like warm showers?


9. Space-Efficient

Get rid of the air conditioning units mounted on your bathroom floor by adopting heated floors. You'll save some space initially occupied by the air conditioning units and even restore the original appearance of your bathroom. You can use the space to add more décor hacks for a more appealing look.

Underfloor heating might slightly elevate the floor height. But it's just by a small height, which won't be a problem.


10. Safe To Use

If burning your toes and feet is one of your concerns, then you can scrap it off your mind because you will never burn any body part. The heating system will just warm your feet, that’s all.

You also don't need to worry about sharp edges and hot surfaces of HVAC units. The heating system is out of sight, and you will only feel the warmth.


11. Hygienic and Clean

Underfloor heating is also hygienic because it will not circulate dirt, dust, or allergens in the bathroom. Underfloor heating is non-allergenic because the heat from the floor is distributed in the bathroom via radiant heat, which maintains good air quality. This feature is an ideal solution for people with allergies.


12. Cost Effective

People often ask whether it’s worth it to have bathroom floors heated. My answer is - yes. Let's face it, the cost of installing heated bathroom floors can be higher than traditional oil or electric radiators. But you have to keep in mind that modern heated floors have a better lifespan than electrical appliances. And nowadays, they are also more energy-efficient, which helps us save on utility bills.





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