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Quick Tip: Bath Scratched or Cracking?

If your bath is scratched beyond repair or has hairline (or larger) cracks... It's time to replace.


We receive a lot of enquiries on Home-Dzine as to whether or not you can repair or cover up scratches and cracks in acrylic baths. While a repair job to fix cracks does work out a lot cheaper than buying and having a new bathtub fitted... is it really worth the cost?





The bath shown above and below has been insitu for over 20 years and is definitely showing signs of wear. Not only are there lots of scratches and stretch marks, there are also cracks that allow water to seep through.

Keeping a damaged bath in place will only lead to more problems, especially if there are visible cracks where the water can seep through and damage walls and floors. If this is the case, a replacement that only costs around R1200 could end up costing far more if you have water damage, mould or crumbling plaster.







Don't Repair - Replace

A brand new bath will only cost around R900 for an inexpensive replacement, or about R2500 to R3000 for a modern tub that will also update your bathroom. Add in a couple of hours that a qualified Plumber will need to remove and install your new bath, and you can still come in under R1700 for a brand new fitted bath. And having a qualified plumber remove and fit the new bath will also come with a limited guarantee that will give you peace of mind for a job well done.

Why waste your hard earned money on a repair or fix that is only going to last a limited amount of time, while a brand new tub will last at least another 20 years. Plus, as mentioned above, having a new bath fitted lets you pick and updated, modern design that will instantly update your bathroom.



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