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Water-Efficient, Air-Induction Showerheads

The latest Kohler showerheads featuring Katalyst technology, will bring create a showering experience of sheer freedom and bliss.


Innovative technology and great design combine to create a powerful, thoroughly luxurious showering experience, whilst conserving water. Kohler showerheads feature Katalyst technology, a revolutionary air induction system that makes each drop feel bigger and perform better.

The Kohler leading-edge Katalyst technology optimises showerhead spray performance for maximum enjoyment while reducing water consumption. The showerhead and nozzle geometry simulate a real rain experience with raindrops of varying sizes. Sprays are therefore more generous and intense, enhancing the user’s sensory experience. 2 litres of air per minute are cleverly infused into the water via a concealed venturi valve system positioned at the base of the showerhead. The spray face is optimised to deliver more generous, focused water droplet coverage, stimulating the senses and limiting overspray.

Kohler Showerheads with Katalyst technology infuse air into the shower stream to deliver large, full drops that envelop you in a warm, full showering experience, like no other. "Our showerheads with the Katalyst technology receive an energy boost from an unexpected source, air, which creates this powerful yet lavish experience", explains Ronelle Badenhorst, Commercial Director for Kohler Africa. For more information visit


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