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Wall finishing trends

Why tile when you can inject colour, texture and personality into a home with skim-on, cement-based decorative plasters and wall finishes.

Trends come and go, but one trend that is becoming increasingly popular is wall finishes. In bathrooms and kitchens, tiles have been the only choice for many years. Nowadays there are other options that are just as practical in these rooms - being extremely durable and waterproof.

Cemcrete's SatinCrete is just one of the many decorative, cement-based finishes that can be applied to walls in bathrooms. Beautifully smooth, SatinCrete offers seamless application in bathrooms, wet rooms, and even showers.

SatinCrete is a skim plaster that comes in a variety of colours. The smooth, suede-like wall finish is easy to wipe down and is perfect for bathroom renovations - it can be applied over existing tiled walls.

Influenced by Pantone's 2017 Colour of the Year - Greenery, green hues evoke health and wellbeing. The colour green resonates with nature and the outdoors, making it both calming and invigorating. Introduce green into the home with the use of plants and lush greenery, which will further add to the innate serenity of the hue.



You can choose from a variety of neutral colours for bathroom walls. SatinCrete is ideal for anyone wanting to retain the look of concrete, but with a homely feel. In this minimalist bathroom, brass and silver elements were incorporated to create warmth and textural interest. The use of natural timber to compliment the concrete finishes and add another element of warm.

Note that, while Cemcrete products are not DIY, they do have certain products that are easier to apply than others. However, Cemcrete recommend application via a trained contractor.


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