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Bathroom goes coastal

A dark, green bathroom gets a bright new look with a coastal-style makeover.


Carrie of curb to refurb decided it was time to give her bathroom a makeover. With a designer bathroom out of reach, she decided to make do with items she already had, or that could be found on the cheap, and give her bathroom a bright new coastal theme.

After painting the walls in white, the wood bathroom vanity was given a light coat of chalk paint to lighten up the look. You can apply as many coats as you want to paint furniture, but do remember to finish off with a protective top coat.

All the new accessories in the bathroom are driftwood. There's a handy towel hanger (above) and a practical shelf unit (below). If you live at the coast you're lucky enough to have the beach on your doorstep and can take an early stroll along the sand to collect pieces of driftwood. If you're not close to the beach, reclaimed wood works just as well.

The driftwood shelf is topped off with a cheese box shelf, which you can replicate using wood veneer with a leather strap if you can't source a cheese box.

On top of the toilet are a selection of curated accessories that match the theme of the newly decorated bathroom.

The coastal theme is completed with the addition of a driftwood framed mirror. Pieces of driftwood were glued around the edge of a plain mirror to make the frame.

Goes to show... you don't always need to spend a lot to obtain the look you want. Many of the items used for this bathroom makeover were provided by Mother nature!




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