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Update Bathroom Cabinets With Paint

Are you wanting to give your bathroom a facelift or a bit of a fixer-upper to give it a new look? Try painting your bathroom cabinets.




Paint is the most affordable way to update a home, dress up a room with a feature wall, spray paint decor accessories and can even be used outdoors to add a splash of colour. Today's acrylic paints can be used almost anywhere to add a splash of colour, upcycle dated or secondhand items or, as in this case, totally transform a boring brown bathroom.

This clever mom decided it was time to give her bathroom a facelift by painting the existing vinyl-wrapped cabinets and covering the floor with a trendy patterned luxury vinyl flooring.







Using acrylic paint to transform almost any cupboard or cabinet is more affordable than ripping out and replacing cabinets, especially if they are still in good condition. Just be sure to do some preparation work before you paint to ensure a long-lasting paint finish.








Acrylic paint is extremely popular due to its many uses and its ability to be painted on almost any surface. Acrylic paints consist of an acrylic polymer emulsion and it is this that gives acrylic paint the certain amout of flexibility that it has. This flexibility allows acrylic paint to be used for painting roofs, concrete paving, wood and many other materials.

Acrylic paints containing acrylic polymer emulsion can be used for both interior and exterior application, provide a certain amount of water resistance and are resistance to most stains. Because of its water resistance, acrylic paint is considered ideal for application to outdoor applications and furniture.

When watching YouTube videos or videos that demonstrate paint application, particularly those from the U.S., it is important to note that they refer to latex paint and not acrylic paint. Latex paint is water-based while acrylic paint is chemical-based, this means that acrylic paint has far more elasticity.


Before, the brown bathroom is bland and boring and in desperate need of a makeover.









If you are using acrylic paint and not chalk paint to revamp your bathroom cupboards, a bit of preparation work is required beforehand.

1. Remove doors and drawers from the cabinets or cupboards.

2. Take off any hardware such as handles, knobs or hinges. Put these aside in a safe place if you plan to put them back on again when you are finished.

3. Clean the frames, doors and cabinets to remove any traces of grime or grease. It is better to do this before any sanding takes place, as grime and grease will quickly clog up the sandpaper.

4. Lightly sanding the doors, drawer fronts and frames to prepare for paper. Wipe clean to remove any traces of dust.

GOOD TO KNOW: Put down drop cloths to protect floors and use painter's tape to mask off surrounding areas not being painted.

5. Use a paintbrush to apply paint around the edges of doors, drawers and cabinet faces. You want to avoid any paint drips or runs or too much paint that usually accumulates around the edges. After that, you can use a foam paint roller to apply paint over the flat surfaces.

GOOD TO KNOW: It is far more professional to apply two light even coats of paint than to apply one thick layer of paint. When you apply a thick layer, the paint underneath doesn't dry properly and can result in paint peeling later on.



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