Strip and seal natural stone floors

Tile and Floor Care (TFC) have an extensive range of products for natural stone and tiled floors. In this feature we strip and seal a slate tile floor.


Over time, constant application of floor polish on natural stone tiles can end up with floors that look grubby. My home has slate tiles throughout the living areas and I strip and seal them every couple of years to remove the layers of polish and enhance the finish.


TFC Sealer Stripper

TFC Easy Clean

TFC Easy Seal

Scrubbing pads

Paintbrush or sheepskin applicator

Bucket and clean water

Rubber gloves

Rags or sponges

Find the TFC range of products at your local Builders Warehouse.

TFC Sealer Stripper is a very aggressive solvent-based stripper for removing sealers, oils and other stains from porous floors. You can use this product on terracotta, cement, porcelain, marble, granite, slate and sandstone to remove most urethanes, acrylics, paint and oils stains, from floors.

Unlike conventional strippers, TFC Sealer Stripper actually floats the coatings and stains so that the can be easily removed and is water soluble for easier clean up.


GOOD TO KNOW: Open windows and doors for ventilation and air circulation as you work.

1. Before you start, mask off areas that do not need to be stripped.

2. Apply Sealer Stripper to a workable area using a paintbrush or sheepskin applicator.

3. Allow approximately 5 minutes -  without disturbing - for the solution to break down the sealer. Do not allow the solution to dry out during this time, as it will be harder to remove.

4. Use a scrubbing pad to remove residue.

5. Pour Easy Clean and water (mixed 2:1) into a bucket to remove remaining residue with rags or sponges.

GOOD TO KNOW: To check if the floor has been completely stripped, wipe with a damp cloth and inspect for uniformity - there should be no light and dark patches, as this will be evidence of sealer residue.

6. Use clean water whilst continuing to scrub. Mop and rinse (vacuum with wet pick up if possible). Allow the surface to dry, inspect, and repeat if necessary.

7. It is recommended that the floor be cleaned with Easy Clean and rinse thoroughly after stripping.

TFC Easy Seal is designed to seal most types of porous tiles and is a penetrating water-based sealer that protects the tile from most stains. The product is UV stable for use indoors and outdoors.

1. Mask off any areas not being sealed and test for the desired results in an inconspicuous area before application.

2. Tiles must be thoroughly clean and dry. It is recommended that you wait approximately 8 hours after cleaning.

3. To apply East Seal use a sponge for edges and hard to reach areas and a sponge mop for large areas. Apply liberally. It is not recommended that you use a paint roller to apply the product.

GOOD TO KNOW: If Easy Seal is absorbed quickly (within 5 minutes), then apply a second coat after 1 to 2 hours.

Easy Seal protects slate tiles from most stains and can be used on terracotta, slate, cement, sandstone and terrazzo tiles.