Quick Kitchen Facelift that Costs Nothing!

If your kitchen is making you feel depressed then perhaps these tips will help you to give your kitchen a quick and easy facelift without spending any money!

How to Achieve Accurate Repeatable Results for Kitchen Installations

When it comes to installing kitchen cupboards and cabinets accuracy is essential and this Kreg Hardware Installation Kit gets it right the first time - every time.

Ideas For An Open Pantry In A Kitchen

If there is no space for a pantry in the kitchen and all your groceries are crammed into packed cupboards, here are a few ideas you might appreciate.

Can you Paint Any Type of Kitchen Cabinet or Cupboard?

Social media would have you believe that you can paint any type of kitchen cabinet or cupboard and you can, but there are pros and cons to every type of painting project.

Can I Design a Kitchen Without Wall Cupboards?

There is no rule that says you must have wall cupboards in a kitchen and, in fact, there are three reasons why it might be better to leave wall cupboards out of the kitchen.

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How do you Select the Ideal Backsplash for a Kitchen?

It's not easy to select the perfect colour and material for a kitchen backsplash if you don't know where to start, but here are a few pointers to help you.


Accurately Install Cabinet Knobs and Handles

Installing cabinet handles and knobs requires accurate measuring and marking but if you do it properly your kitchen cupboard and cabinet doors will look professional.


Easily Cut Curves on Glass Mosaic or Subway Tiles

Cutting straight lines on tiles is tricky but cutting curves can be difficult - unless you use a tile scriber.


Easy Do It Yourself Ways to Update a Kitchen

I have read many articles that offer ways to update a kitchen but none that really offer easy do-it-yourself ways that don't cost a fortune, so what can you do to update a kitchen - affordably?


Tiling Tips to Achieve a Professional Finish for all your Tiling Projects

When you are tackling a tiling project for the first time, keep these tiling tips in mind if you want to achieve a professional finish.

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A Solution For Every Kitchen Renovation Task

For a homeowner, having the right tools to undertake a kitchen remodel or renovation is imperative and these Kreg tools meet all your demands, making the job far simpler and faster.


Update a Dark Wood Kitchen

If you have a dark wood kitchen but do not want to paint the cabinets and cupboards, what can you do to update and brighten the kitchen?


Do you have to have a Kitchen Backsplash?

Do we need to have a backsplash in the kitchen, and does it have to be tile?

What are Soft-Close Hinges and How do you Install Them?

Soft-close hinges on cabinets and cupboards are a luxurious finishing touch at a very low cost, plus they are easy to install and we show you how.

Build a Display Cabinet using Bought Cupboards

Aligning with my recent article on DIY built-in cupboards, this is an easy display cupboard that you can make and pick up skills for your built-in project.

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A Potential Ban on Gas Stoves Brings Safety to the Fore

The state of California (US) is in the process of implementing a ban on gas stoves and gas heating equipment because of safety concerns over health issues and harmful emissions.


How A Plumber Can Help With Your Kitchen Renovations

For kitchen renovations, you mainly require the services of a contractor but also those of a plumber and here's why.


Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Kitchen Worktops

Improvements in digital scanning and printing, as well as in manufacturing means that HPL and MFB boards have become ultra-realistic, with options that capture the look of marble, granite, stone and timber.


Benefits of Freestanding or Unfitted Kitchen Units

There are several benefits to a freestanding or unfitted kitchen and being able to easily update or add on to a kitchen is just two of the benefits of this type of kitchen.


Make Wall-Mounted Kitchen Cupboards

If a kitchen renovation is on the cards or you have an idea to install wall-mounted cupboards for more storage, here are some practical videos that will take you through the entire process of making cupboards.

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How to Create Faux Marble Countertops

Not everyone can afford to have marble countertops fitted in their kitchen, but they can create the look of marble on a more affordable countertop.


Yes, you can Tile a Kitchen Countertop

It might not be trendy but there is nothing wrong with tiling over kitchen countertops if you cannot afford to replace them.


Inexpensive Solution for Kitchen Countertops

When you are looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for ugly or dated countertops, try using self-adhesive paper or film to give them a new look.


New Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Lusting after a new-look kitchen, one that is modern, clean and complements your home, see how this average dated kitchen is transformed on a tight budget.


How to Stain Dark or Yellow Kitchen Cabinets Lighter

If you have solid wood kitchen cabinets and don't want to rip these out but want to make them a lighter colour or remove a yellow tinge, here's how.

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Improve your Home With these Weekend Projects

Spruce up your space this weekend with these quick home-improvement projects.

Advice On DIY Concrete Countertop for a Kitchen

Thinking about adding concrete countertops to your kitchen or bathroom then you will find this article of interest.

6 Ideas you Should Consider for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Considering your budget and your current kitchen layout are primary steps when thinking about a kitchen renovation, then you can take into account cabinets, appliances, and lighting.

Ideas for your New Kitchen Layout

Most kitchen installations are decided upon to fit a certain space, but you don't have to limit yourself to a basic design when there are so many design tricks you can use for your new kitchen layout.


Make a Kitchen Cupboard Organiser

Any organisation you can add to kitchen cupboards makes your job easier and this DIY organiser lets you store assorted cookware for easy access.

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Quick Project: Fit This Pullout Pan Rail to a Kitchen Cupboard

An easy do-it-yourself storage solution to cut out digging out pots and pans and storing them organised.

How to Make a Built-In Plate Rack

Making a built-in plate rack for your kitchen allows easy storage and access to delicate plates or crockery.

Quick Project: More Countertop Space in a Small Kitchen

Adding a drop-down countertop or table in a small kitchen gives you more countertop space to work and a place to sit down for casual meals.


Tips Towards a Clutter-Free Kitchen

When your countertops are cluttered with too many items, it is hard to work around the mess, so use these handy tips to free up countertop space.


Brand New Kitchen for Under R20,000!

This is my kitchen renovation from scratch to finished at a cost of well under R20,000 and completely do-it-yourself!

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Ideas for a DIY Kitchen Island

A kitchen island not only add extra storage space, but it also gives you more countertop space and perhaps also a place to sit and have casual meals.


Why you Should Fit Soft-Close Hinges to your Kitchen Cupboards

No matter if you are installing a new kitchen or updating an old one, soft-close hinges should be on your shopping list - and here's why.


4 Quick Tips That Will Update Your Kitchen, Fast!

Take a look at 4 quick tips that you can use to give your kitchen a fast update.


Stick-On Vinyl For Tiles in Kitchen and Bathroom

For anyone looking to update kitchen or bathroom tiles, take a look at the options for stick-on vinyl to revitalise tiles.


Is It Easy To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting kitchen cupboards and cabinets have become the top renovation project for homeowners, but how easy is it to paint kitchen cupboards and cabinets?

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Many People Are Looking For The Simpler Life

The pandemic has made many people look at their lifestyle and some have opted for a quieter life by renovating and selling their homes before moving on to quieter climes.


It Is So Easy To Completely Transform A Kitchen

One blogger transformed her 1960s kitchen without having to do any major renovations and using affordable and readily available materials.


Top Tips For Modernizing Your Kitchen

There are so many things to think about when it comes to modernizing a kitchen, like choosing a kitchen sink, or choosing the right cabinets and it’s easy to get bogged down by all of the different choices.


The Return Of Solid Wood Kitchens - Cerused Method

Solid wood kitchens have always been a popular choice with many homeowners but no longer the yellow golden oak kitchens of yesteryear now the cabinets are given a ceruse treatment to lighten them up.


When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances?

There comes a time when appliances reach a stage where repair becomes expensive or impossible and you need to look at replacing kitchen appliances.

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Transform Kitchen Countertops With Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is quickly becoming an essential material for many home improvement projects, including transforming kitchen countertops.


How To Install An Extractor Fan

If you have a problem with condensation in a bathroom or kitchen or not enough air circulation in a bathroom, you will want to look at installing an extractor fan.


Other Uses For Kitchen Cupboards In The Home

Kitchen cupboard carcasses, your old kitchen cupboards or flat-pack closets can be used in other rooms in the home to provide easy and affordable storage solutions.


Paint Kitchen Cupboards Yourself Or Hire A Professional Sprayer?

When looking to give your kitchen a revamp should you paint kitchen cupboards yourself or hire a professional sprayer?


How Do You Cover Up Or Hide Ugly Tiles?

Now there is a product available {locally} that lets you cover up or disguise ugly tiles with a smooth wall that can be painted over.

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A Kitchen Renovation That Goes From Simple To Stunning!

If you are looking for ideas to transform your simple kitchen into a stunning kitchen, take a look at this DIY kitchen renovation and gather ideas you can use for your own kitchen.


The Easy Way To Finish Off Tiled Edges

I am adding another -very easy - method for finishing off ugly tiled edges using sealing tape.


How To Add Personal Touches To Your Rental Kitchen

You might be living in a rental property, but that doesn't mean you can't add personal touches and character to a rental kitchen.


4 Tips for a Better Organised and Less Cluttered Kitchen

After the festive season, you are probably wondering what hit your kitchen and we offer a few tips for a better organised and less cluttered kitchen.


Kitchen Makeover for under R900!

It isn't often that you can boast of a kitchen makeover that costs under R1000, but that's exactly what this soon-to-be mom did in her kitchen.

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An Organic Kitchen for an Organic Home

When you are renovating a home that is over 175 years old, you don't want a kitchen that is modern or contemporary, but rather a kitchen that looks as good as the rest of the house.


How to Save Money on Renovating Your Kitchen

If you want to enjoy a new kitchen but don’t want to break the bank, here are a few tips that you might want to consider.


Quick and Easy Way to Save a Fortune on a Kitchen Update

One enterprising mom took the opportunity to use the lockdown to give her kitchen an update - at a cost of less than R5000!


Tips for a rewarding kitchen redo – in budget, on time and on form

Interior design creative and human behavioural specialist, Kim Williams, shares some crucial tips and secrets to get you that perfect kitchen redo you are dreaming about!


SupaWood and scaffolding planks for new kitchen

Looking to revamp your kitchen but don't have a lot of money to spend? Take inspiration from this SupaWood and scaffolding plank kitchen renovation.

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How To Give A Kitchen A Revamp On A Tight Budget

You have been wanting to give your kitchen a revamp for ages, but how can you do it on a tight budget? We tell you how!


Dulux Provide 5 Easy Steps to Paint Your Kitchen

If you are wanting to refresh your kitchen or give it a new, modern look, Dulux offers 5 easy steps to paint your kitchen.


How Clean is your Kitchen?

For those working full-time and without the assistance of a domestic helper, staying on top of cleaning isn't all that easy.


Transform a Kitchen with Paint

With their kids off to university, this couple decided that their kitchen no longer needed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with 3 sons, so they used paint and appliances for a sophisticated transformation.

Make a Statement in your Kitchen with 4 Backsplash Ideas

Rather like the icing on a cake, a backsplash is a finishing touch that defines the style of a kitchen and can make an eye-catching statement.

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Practical Storage Solutions for a Kitchen

The best-designed kitchen is one that is all about storage, and the more storage the better, which is why these unique storage solutions should be on your list.


Unique Kitchen Improvements You Can Do in Just 1 Week

The ideas below may strike your fancy because these unique kitchen improvements can be completed in a week’s time.


Clean and Organize a Pantry

Whether it's a large cupboard, a pullout cabinet, or a dedicated pantry, cleaning and organizing this space will make storing and searching for items much easier.


Affordable Ideas for a DIY Kitchen Makeover

A dated kitchen gets a brand new look with clever DIY ideas, paint and a few new and affordable accessories.


Why do people choose single handle faucets for their kitchens?

In many kitchens, a single handle kitchen faucet has become a common sight today, and there are various reasons for this.

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Wood Kitchens are Lighter and Brighter

When posting articles on kitchen trends, particularly colour trends, we always receive enquiries asking 'but what about wood kitchens - are these still popular?'


Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover

Today’s kitchens are becoming more modern and tech savvy, so let's take a look at 5 things you can do to improve your kitchen.


Change The Look Of Your Home With Latest Modular Solution

Modular kitchen design is becoming popular and people are now choosing to build their kitchen in this style rather than the traditional kitchen.


Weekend DIY - Add a Mosaic Splashback

Got some spare time this weekend and looking for an easy DIY project? Why not add a splashback to your kitchen or bathroom?


Declutter your Kitchen Cabinets

I am into the next phase of my kitchen renovation,  this step required a total declutter of all my kitchen cabinets, so I'm sharing some tips on the best way to do this.

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Design Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Renovation

Here are some tips on how you can save money on your next kitchen renovation.


10 Absolute Must-Haves For Your Kitchen

There are many reasons why the kitchen is the most important room in almost every house - that’s why it should be well-equipped with some of these absolute must-haves.


Replace undersink kitchen cupboard with new storage cupboard

I have finally got started on my kitchen renovation and take you step-by-step with instructions on how each part of the renovation was done.


Make a Kitchen Cupboard for Under Sink

In this tutorial, I will show you how I made a kitchen cupboard to fit under the sink and also provide plenty of storage.


A You Dreaming of a White Kitchen?

While we may never dream of a white Christmas, there's nothing wrong with dreaming of a white kitchen!

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How to Cut Glass Tiles without a Wet Saw

I'm busy tiling my kitchen backsplash and wanted to fit a way to cut the glass tiles without using a wet saw.


Easy Ways to Update and Add Value to your Kitchen

As the heart of any home, the kitchen is definitely a space where any money you put into renovating is well spent.


Which Kitchen Countertop is Scratch-Resistant?

As someone who has finally decided to splurge on a new kitchen countertop, even I find it difficult to decide which material is the best.


Carve out Space for a Separate Laundry

South African homes are not designed with a separate laundry room but you can easily carve out a bit of space for a convenient but separate laundry.


Kitchen Countertop Guide

Selecting the right countertops for your kitchen build or renovation will pay off for years to come.

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11 Beautiful Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in ahome and when you start thinking about remodeling, it's often one of the first places that people start.


Getting a Handle on Kitchen Hardware

When choosing handles – it’s important to take the time to plan – it may be a micro element of the kitchen but it will have a macro impact on the final finish!


Remove and replace a built-in oven

If you want to replace your old built-in oven with a brand new oven, it only requires a few simple steps - no electrician required!


How To Prepare Your Home For New Kitchens

There are concrete steps you can take to make preparing your home for a new kitchen easy and pleasurable.


Save Money on your Kitchen Renovation

If you are looking for ways to have that dream kitchen for less - think do-it-yourself!

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New Ideas for Kitchen Countertops

Dekton kitchen countertops are a high-tech combination of quartz, porcelain and glass and the Trilium design has the unique look of rusted metal.


4 Easy ways to Update a Kitchen

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is one place where an update is necessary from time to time to keep it looking fresh.


Are you dreaming of a Butcher Block Countertop?

There is something about butcher block countertops that add rustic charm to a kitchen and just the right amount of warmth to an otherwise sterile design.


Make your own Wood Kitchen Countertops

There are hundreds of videos online by DIY enthusiasts making their own wood countertops, but not all provide you with accurate information for the best way to make your own wood countertops.


Get Quotes for small to medium Kitchen Improvements

Our very own DIY Diva, Nancy Muchangwa, offers a variety of services for small to medium kitchen improvements and renovations.

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Convert a Kitchen to Soft-Close Fittings

If you want to give your kitchen a modern update, installing soft-close hinges and drawer sliders is an inexpensive solution. 


Add lighting to a pantry or cupboard

Gelmar EcoLED Cupboard Lights are perfect for lighting up a pantry or cupboard.


Makeover backsplash with Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile

Rust-Oleum's Tub & Tile kit is an affordable alternative to the mess of replacing tiles, and it transforms this kitchen backsplash in a day.


What Defines a Shaker Style Kitchen?

Shaker kitchens have become a popular choice for many homeowners wanting a DIY kitchen option, but what defines a Shaker kitchen?


Pullout pantry - pantry-in-a-cupboard

This pullout pantry gives you a huge amount of storage space in a kitchen, and you can easily fit it into an empty corner, or replace an existing floor unit.

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Cover up ugly tiles

If you can't afford to rip out and replace ugly tiles, you can easily disguise them with Tile Stickers!


Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

Give Your Kitchen A Facelift - Little Effort Required


Update your kitchen sink

Give your kitchen a much needed update with new stainless steel sink and taps on special at Gelmar.

Secondhand kitchen

Hard to believe that the kitchen featured here has secondhand cabinets that cost thousands less than a new kitchen installation.


Use the space on top of kitchen cabinets

The space at the top of kitchen cabinets generally goes to waste if you don't have cabinet to the ceiling, but you can make use of this valuable space.

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Smart storage for a kitchen

When you've got a kitchen that's on the small size, it's always a good idea to look at smart storage solutions for keeping all your stuff organised.


Kitchen goes from cramped to spacious

At the time of buying their house, these homeowners made the decision to put in a cheap, contractor-grade kitchen as a temporary measure with the intention to upgrade as the family increased.


Handy under-cupboard storage drawer

If you're running out of storage in your kitchen, here's a way to install handy storage drawers underneath your wall mounted cupboards.

DIY renovation tips for kitchens

If you're planning a DIY kitchen renovation, you don't want to compromise on quality but still want affordable options.


Make your own Kitchen Cabinets

In this article we show you how to make your own kitchen cabinets to install a DIY kitchen from scratch.

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Get the most out of a kitchen update

Considering updating your kitchen? If so, it is one of the best rooms to update in your home to increase the value of the home, along with updating bathrooms

How to make raised panel doors

When you take the DIY option to renovate or improve a kitche, chances are you will want to add new kitchen cabinet doors.

The Power of White

This kitchen makeover shows you exactly what white can do for a small, pokey kitchen.

Faux Kitchen Splashback

Here's a great idea to try if you're looking for a new kitchen backsplash. Stencils offer an easy way to design your own faux splashback.

Update cabinet hardware for an instant makeover

Updating your kitchen cabinet hardware is an easy way to give any kitchen an instant makeover.

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Two Tone Kitchens

The modern kitchen is moving away from all-white and neutral colours and embracing the two-tone look.

Should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

If your kitchen cabinets are an eyesore but you don't have the budget to replace, consider how paint can be used to transform kitchen cabinets.

New Phoenix Stone Colourways

WOMAG introduces five brand new colourways in its Phoenix Stone collection of superior quartz surfaces.

How to tile over tile

Being able to lay new tiles over existing tiles not only saves you money, but also a lot of mess and hassle. Not all tiles can be tiled over and we look at how to successfully tile over tile.

Before and after kitchen renovations

If you are looking to renovate or makeover a kitchen, we put together a selection of before and after kitchen renovation ideas to inspire you.

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Replace Kitchen Countertop

It might not be everyone's choice, but Formica Countertops are still the most affordable option for many homeowners.

Mini Kitchen Makeover

If you are desperate to give your kitchen a new look but don't have the budget, here's a mini-makeover that won't cost that much AND is quick and easy.

Eureka Soft Closing Concealed Hinges

Eureka, South Africa's hardware expert, have launched a range of concealed hinges, specifically for those looking for an affordable alternative for cabinet hardware. Now you can add soft-closing concealed hinges to your cabinets and cupboards.

Wall finishing trends

Why tile when you can inject colour, texture and personality into a home with skim-on, cement-based decorative plasters amd wall finishes.

DIY Kitchen Renovation

Over the course of the few months, I will be ripping out my old kitchen and installing a DIY kitchen from scratch.

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DIY Shelf Brackets

Given the total lack of choice when it comes to decorative shelf brackets, making your own DIY shelf brackets is the way to go!

Remove foil wrap from kitchen cabinets

If you need to refinish cracked or peeling kitchen cabinet doors to paint them, you can do this yourself to save money. We show you how to remove foil wrap from kitchen cabinet doors.

Save Money on your Kitchen Reno

When planning a new kitchen, or renovating an existing kitchen, it’s important to establish a budget. A budget will stop you from viewing - and falling in love with - options that are not in your price range.

Tips for a painted kitchen

If you are thinking about painting your kitchen cupboards, take a look at a painted kitchen... and 5 years on.

Practical design tips for a small kitchen

When you have a small kitchen, especially one that is open onto a dining room or dining nook, it's important to make sure it is well planned and neatly organised.

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A painted kitchen

Using paint to renovate a kitchen allows you more money to spend on buying new appliances to modernise and update the room without spending too much.

Update floors with vinyl flooring

Whether you opt for luxury vinyl flooring or inexpensive vinyl tiles, vinyl offers a durable flooring option for a kitchen that is easy to maintain, long lasting and an easy DIY option.

Cosy farmhouse kitchen ideas

I am seriously thinking about ripping out my melamine kitchen and fitting a country or farmhouse kitchen. This is a style that lends itself to comfortable living with tons of personality, and one that's also easy to DIY.

Moving a kitchen from back to front

When renovating a old home, this couple opted to move their kitchen from the back of the house to the front.

Kitchen trends

The kitchen is the heart of a home so it's understandable that you want yours to be at masterchef level (or as close to it as possible). Imagine the heart of your home with some of these biggest kitchen trends.

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Strip and seal natural stone floors

Tile and Floor Care (TFC) have an extensive range of products for natural stone and tiled floors. In this feature we strip and seal a slate tile floor.

Goodbye granite?

Homeowners are choosing engineered materials over natural stone for countertops.

Luxury vinyl tile for today's floors

Luxury vinyl tiles are definitely an option to consider when looking for flooring alternatives. Vinyl planks simulate the look of real wood without the noise, durability or cleaning concerns. Now, you can install vinyl floors over ceramic tiles.

DIY kitchen like a pro

A new kitchen can be a very expensive project, but taking the DIY route can save you thousands of Rands and still provide a modern fitted kitchen.

Antibacterial grout

Starlike is the first epoxy grout to offer antibacterial properties for bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, all the colours of Starlike range are UV-resistant, making them suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

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Now you can tile over smooth surfaces

Homeowners tackling their own tiling projects can overcome the potential lifting of tiles linked to surfaces that are dense, impervious or smooth, by using the new TAL Keymix powder primer.

DIY wood countertops for kitchen

If you are looking for an affordable solution for solid wood countertops, or want to replace Formica countertops with wood, here's how to use PAR pine planks to make your own kitchen countertops.

Make a small kitchen feel larger

Many townhouses and apartments have compact kitchens that are small and claustrophobic. But there are designer tricks that you can apply to make even the smallest kitchen feel larger than it is.

Kitchen renovation without the high price tag

Quite a few years back I renovated my kitchen as a DIY project and managed to save myself close to R75,000 in the process. Almost 10 years later the kitchen still looks good.

Tips for painting kitchen cabinets

I often receive enquiries for homeowners wanting to paint their kitchen cabinets and the best products and methods for painting kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips to guide you.

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Affordable ideas for a mini kitchen makeover

If you are working on a limited budget but want to give your kitchen a makeover, give these ideas a try to breathe new life into a kitchen.

Transform a kitchen with tiles

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It's where families and guests gather to prepare and enjoy meals together while catching up on the day’s activities.

Tips for painted ceilings that look good

Ceilings tend to receive the least amount of attention when it comes to decorating, but here are a few tips to let your ceilings be a feature rather than an eyesore!

An easy guide to choosing tiles

The evolution of design has increased the versatility of tiles. Though mainly used for kitchen and bathrooms, tiles are perfect for every room in a home.

Tips for drilling through tiles

Too many homeowners put off bathroom projects because it involves drilling through tiles, but if you have the right tools and accessories drilling through tiles is a quick and easy project.

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Give any kitchen an instant update with new countertops

Not every homeowner can afford the luxury of stone countertops, and Formica countertops offer you an affordable way to update a kitchen.

DIY farm style kitchen

Burger and his wife bought a fixer-upper duplex that needed some TLC and more than a bit of renovation. One area in desperate need of DIY was the kitchen and they opted for a farm style layout that would allow them to do most of the work themselves.

How to mount extractor fan

Having recently tiled the backsplash in my kitchen I figured it was finally time to put up the extractor fan to start finishing the project.

Router your own decorative doors

Being able to use a router to make decorative kitchen cabinet doors allows you to replace old cabinet doors with do-it-yourself doors in any size or design.

Mosaic tile splashback

Some years back I added a perspex splashback - bad idea since perspex can't take the heat ! In this project I remove the perspex backsplash and replace with glass mosaic tiles.

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Affordable kitchen renovations

If you are planning on spending your annual holidays on renovating the kitchen you will find inspiration in these kitchen renovations that didn't cost a fortune but did give dated kitchens a modern update and a brand new look.

Chic Scandinavian kitchen

The trend for painted kitchens continues as products and tools are introduced to make the process far easier.

Makeover Magic on a tiny budget

Tanya Joel is one of those people with a natural knack for turning average into amazing. The kitchen in her Linden flat is testament to her talent for decorative with an almost non-existent budget.

Small kitchen becomes heart of a home

A family of six make the decision to improve rather than move and this involved knocking down walls to enlarge a small kitchen into an open plan space that includes a family room. 

Replace Formica kitchen countertop

Formica LifeSeal or Mastertops kitchen countertops are one of the most affordable ways to update and replace scratched, swollen or worn countertops.

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DIY shaker kitchens

If you are looking for do-it-yourself options for a kitchen renovation or revamp, or even for a new kitchen installation, a Shaker style kitchen offers an affordable and easy way to build a new kitchen from scratch with basic power tools and a bit of DIY savvy.

Smart investments for kitchens

In a newly built home the homeowners will design a kitchen that meets their immediate needs, but in an older home it's nice to know that improvements can be done to keep up with modern trends.

Add skirtings to kitchen walls

To complete the tiling project recently done in the kitchen, and to finish off the project, skirtings were added around the base of the walls. Previously there weren't any skirtings whatsoever and it just looked unfinished.

Wall and floor tiles with wood-like finish

I will soon be featuring a project where I removed the carpets in my bedroom and dressing room and replaced them with tiles imprinted with a wood grain finish.

DIY option for tiling a kitchen wall

I have been waiting to tile my kitchen finished for a few years. After the kitchen revamp I didn't know what to do with the tiles around the windows, since the burglar bars were welding in and couldn't be removed.

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Mosaic tiles for kitchen backsplash

Take a visit to the tile section at your local Builders Warehouse and you will see a selection of glass mosaic tile sheets in colours and textures.

Advice on painting kitchen cabinets

My kitchen is currently as per the pic above, which I feel is outdated.  I think the cupboards are supawood / melawood.  Can one paint over this? Could you suggest any ideas for colour to revamp the kitchen.

Don't live with a tiny, cramped kitchen

If you find your kitchen depressing and more than a little sad and try to spend as little time in there as possible, perhaps it's time to look at what options are available to turn a dark and dingy kitchen into a kitchen that you love to spend time in. 

Plain white melamine kitchen goes coastal

I have a plain white melamine kitchen. My kitchen is quite large with many cupboards and deep drawers. The doors and drawer fronts are plain without any design, and which has become boring since day two.

Easy ideas to enlarge a small kitchen

If you don't have the budget to enlarge a small kitchen there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to make a small kitchen feel less confined, provide extra storage and boost even boost up the light levels.

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Semi-open plan kitchen ideas

As the trend for open-plan living increases, closing off a kitchen only devalues a property unless it lends to the design, especially when there are ways and means to detract, but not completely close off, a kitchen.

3-Day kitchen remodel

Hard to believe that this kitchen renovation only took three days from start to finish. With clever planning and a clear idea of what you want to do, any kitchen renovation can be done painlessly and without too much disruption.

Kitchen goes from dark to light and mod

Previously a dark and dingy space, adding on an extension to house a new kitchen has transformed this space in one filled with light and space.

How to tile a kitchen floor

Tiling a floor, any floor, is not that difficult if you have the right tools at hand and a bit of DIY savvy when it comes to laying tile. In this article we show you how to remove vinyl tile from a kitchen floor - two layers of vinyl tile in fact - and lay a ceramic tile floor.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Every kitchen renovation boils down to the same thing... decision, decisions, decisions. Everything from A to Z needs to be considered and options looked at - including the kitchen sink.

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Kitchen renovation from scratch

The new dark wood kitchen features plenty of storage space and there was plenty of room to add an island that provides additional countertop working space and comfortably seats six.

Give kitchen cabinets a makeover?

Pop into your local Builders Warehouse and stock up on moulding and trim to give you kitchen cabinets a quick and easy makeover.

Lazy susan rotating pantry storage

You might only have a large cupboard or hoekie as a pantry, but if there is one essential component that every pantry should have it's a lazy susan or turntable storage system.

Outstanding DIY kitchen installation

This do-it-yourself kitchen shows how you can transform any space with just a few basic tools. Loraine and her husband Cobi transformed a boring space into a beautiful kitchen.

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Laundry behind closed doors

While most kitchens are designed to allow for 1 or 2 appliances such as a washing machine or dishwasher, there are kitchens that could do with the extra cupboard space for storage and a washing machine, tumble dryer can be relocated to another area.

DIY plywood kitchen cabinets

Plywood is one of the most affordable materials that you can use for DIY projects, and especially for building your own kitchen cabinets. Plywood is considered a sustainable building material that is durable.

DIY concrete countertops

When most people think of DIY concrete countertops, the first reaction is that making a concrete countertop is not easy. Well, there is a fair amount of work involved, but at the end of the day you could save yourself thousands.

Concrete 'wood' countertops

Now you can have concrete countertops that resemble real wood. While not yet available locally, there is bound to be someone out there who is looking at the possibility of crafting concrete countertops that look like wood.

Shelving ideas for a kitchen

As the hardest working room in any home, the kitchen needs plenty of storage space. While cabinets and cupboards may already be fitted, as a family grows - so does its storage requirements. 

Adding mosaic to kitchen countertop

I gave my kitchen countertop a makeover. After a couple of weeks of living with it, I decided I wasn't happy and wanted to consider another option - applying mosaic tile to a kitchen countertop.

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Affordable kitchen makeover

This project shows you how easy it is to completely transform a kitchen - on a limited budget and in a couple of weekends.

70s kitchen remodel

Buying a older home can be a challenge. Cheap plywood cabinets, walled-off pantry and laundry, non-functioning appliances and coloured tiles are just a few of the projects you are looking at.

Countertops that make a statement

If you’re looking for a countertop that will make a dramatic style statement, consider products made of glass, concrete, bamboo, or scrap metal.

How to spray paint appliances

With so much emphasis being placed on recycle, reuse and restore, giving your fridge or freezer a makeover is just one of the ways to extend its life so that it doesn't end up on the rubbish dump.

Storage solutions for any kitchen

As an area of the home that is used on a daily basis by all members of a family, the kitchen needs to be highly organised. Regardless of whether you like to cook or not, it pays to have this particular space sorted and clutter free.

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Apply stainless steel finish

If you love the look of stainless steel finish appliances but simply do not have the funds to replace your existing appliances, here's an easy way to add the look...

Kitchen countertop options

As the hardest working surface in any kitchen, kitchen countertops not only need to look stylish, they need to be hardworking too!

A kitchen goes from shabby to chic

Lisa of Recaptured Charm shows how easy it is to transform a kitchen without spending a fortune. In this feature we show how she gave her kitchen doors a makeover for a kitchen that went from shabby to chic!

How to paint a kitchen splashback

Bet you didn't know that a new Formica Lifeseal countertop will only cost you around R850 for a 3,6 metre length. Not bad when you think that this is long enough for most small kitchens.

Replace Formica kitchen countertops

Using paint allows you to match your existing style and colour and it won't cost you a fortune.

How to screed a kitchen floor

More and more homeowners are realising the benefits of having a cement screed floor. Not only is this type of flooring inexpensive, it's also extremely easy to maintain and considered a green alternative to other flooring options.

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Updated kitchen doors with moulding

Give kitchen cupboards a new look by adding mitred moldings and trim to the existing cabinet doors.

Maximise space in a small kitchen

To increase the available size of a cramped kitchen, consider incorporating space from other rooms and underused exterior spaces to create a larger kitchen.

What is a kitchen layout plan?

A kitchen layout or plan is something that not all people have complete control over. Unless you plan on remodelling your entire kitchen, knocking down walls, or extending your home, you must work within the confines of a given space.

Lighting ideas for a kitchen

A kitchen needs a good well thought out lighting plan. Today’s kitchens have many more functions than just cooking a meal. For many families it is the most frequently used room in the house.

How to replace kitchen cabinet doors

In today's economy where more homeowners are staying put and investing in their existing property, replacing existing kitchen cabinet doors is a far more affordable option than replacing an entire kitchen.

Glass splashbacks

only does a glass splashback add colour and ambiance to the kitchen, it's a modern and affordable alternative to tiles and laminate.

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Organise your laundry

Simply by organising your laundry you can make laundry day less of a chore. Here are a few ideas and inspirations to make your laundry room better organised.

Plan a small kitchen

With some serious planning, ingenious fittings and a design that’s as chic as you like, your new kitchen can be super successful and, as you won’t need many units, you can splash out on quality finishes.

10 smart ways to update a kitchen

From the cabinets to the appliances, find out how to ensure a successful renovation. Renovating your kitchen will add ease to your lifestyle and value to your home.

Small makeover - Big transformation

Still stuck in a tiny kitchen with no room to move? This article shows what a difference some small changes can do to improve your kitchen space and open up a small apartment.

How to paint kitchen cabinets

Some kitchen makeovers are pretty darn amazing. This is one of those. A kitchen is transformed with cabinets changed from bland white into an elegant black.

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Concrete countertops

I would like to share a few things we would do differently if we were to start over on our concrete countertops. Don't get me wrong, we love our concrete countertops but we have also done some experimenting and would make a few slight changes.

Concrete worktops

DIY concrete experts show how to design, build and install a beautiful concrete countertop for a newly remodelled kitchen.

Options for a kitchen splashback

I receive quite a few enquiries from homeowners looking for alternatives to a plain, boring kitchen tile backsplash, and there are more than a few options to consider for removing, replacing or adding a new backsplash to a kitchen.

Plan your kitchen remodel

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then various aspects need to be considered before you begin.

Kitchen makeover

So, we recently decided to redo our kitchen, but with a twist. Instead of just getting someone in to do all at one, we were going to try and do as much as possible ourselves.

Update a kitchen in a day

Planning to put your kitchen but don’t have the funds for a major improvement. With the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, why settle for out-of-date features and décor?

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Shabby Chic kitchen makeover

With the new Shaker and French Country kitchen range from Shabby-Chic you can build the kitchen of your dreams on an affordable budget. Total cost for this kitchen = R30,000 - including bamboo countertops!

Renovate your kitchen on a budget

Having a modern kitchen is crucial in resale value. With the addition of new floors, cleaned up or new cabinets, up-to-date appliances and a modern backsplash these are all key components to a valuable kitchen.

Oak kitchen gets a paint makeover

Not everyone likes a solid wood kitchen, and where you inherit and oak kitchen and want to paint the cabinets - you can!

LED strip lights for a kitchen

Looking for a fun way to add colour to a kitchen? The surface mounted LEDs allow these strips an amazing amount of flexibility without causing damage; they can bend and twist in just about any direction imaginable.

Paint or re-face kitchen cabinets

Two of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your kitchen a makeover is to paint or re-face kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets allows you to create a custom kitchen, while re-facing can create a faux-wood finish without the price tag!

How to re-face kitchen cabinets

Whether you want to give your kitchen a new look, tone down the wood look in a kitchen, or spruce up your kitchen cabinets, there are two very easy techniques to consider for giving a kitchen a face lift.

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Update with a mosaic backsplash

Using mosaic tile for a kitchen backsplash is an easy project. The hardest part is removing existing tiles, but with a bit of savvy you can easily overcome some of the hard work involved once the tiles have been removed.

Affordable renovations for a kitchen

When your kitchen needs an update and you don't have a lot to spend, there are many ways to affordably give a kitchen a new look - even on the tightest budget.

Replace kitchen countertops

Remodelling a kitchen can be costly. Yet even in today’s economic environment, it is one of the most efficient ways to add value to your entire home.

Steel kitchen renovation

Steel cabinets - no way! Painted aqua - you must be joking! I have decided that this is my next kitchen - I just love the colours and the way it feel so fresh and vibrant.

The easy way to transform a kitchen

Simply by adding a coat or two of paint and adding a few new upper cabinets, this kitchen was transformed from cutie cottage to timeless and traditional.

DIY kitchen makeovers

Here are just a few of the ways that readers have transformed their kitchen - without spending a lot of money and mostly on a do-it-yourself basis.

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Should I paint my kitchen cabinets?

There comes a time when just about anyone who had their home built off plan starts to hear a little nagging voice in the head. "Should I paint those kitchen cabinets?"

Elements of a well-planned kitchen

The layout and design of your kitchen impacts on functionality and how well you are able to move around within the space.

How to make raised panel cabinet door

Adding raised panel doors allows you to be more creative with the style of door that you choose to replace existing kitchen doors.

Install a new kitchen sink and tap

Installing a new sink and tap is easier than ever thanks to the simple-to-cut-and-assemble white plastic (PVC) drain parts and flexible water supply tubes.

Kitchen Remodel Costs: What Should You Do to Save Money?

We’ve written this article to help you be in control of your money when redecorating your kitchen.

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Kitchen Remodel Costs: What Should You Do to Save Money?

Whether you want to completely transform your kitchen or you need just a few tweaks to make it more suitable for your family, this project will require a lot of thinking through.

Best Faucet Water Filter For Kitchen Sink

Tips to choosing the perfect faucet water filter for your kitchen sink.

Tips To Remodel Your Kitchen At An Affordable Price

Remodeling a kitchen is an important decision. The costs are quite high given the amount of materials, specialists and time spent doing these transformations.

Maintain garbage disposal unit

Here are some handy tips for proper maintenance of the garbage disposal.

Find Anything Kitchen Related Fitters

In this article, we outline what to look for before hiring the best kitchen fitter in your area.

How To Have A Scandinavian Kitchen In Your Home

5 Practical ways to consider when designing a Scandinavian kitchen in your home.

Things to look for when considering a pull-down faucet choice

Here are three main reasons for you to consider when choosing a pull-down faucet for your kitchen.

Variety of Styles to Add on Your Kitchen Renovation

In this article, we look at the various styles you can add to your kitchen renovation.

Tips For Repair: What To Do Before Installing The Kitchen

We look at tips for repair that you need to do before installing a new kitchen.

How to Design Storage Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Designing storage cabinets for a kitchen is one of the most important tasks you can perform, because a proper storage solution will be helpful in keeping all those extra materials and groceries organized.

6 Reasons Quartz Is The Best Kitchen Countertop Material

Quartz kitchen countertops are an asset to have in any kitchen, apart from the obvious aesthetic effects that it brings to a kitchen.

9 Top Countertop Manufacturers

Many stores today offer quartz countertops at reasonably low prices and, while that is fine, many manufacturers create low-quality quartz countertops that can be unfair to the buyer.

Take Size Out Of The Equation With White Kitchen Concepts

The white kitchen concept is an ideal combination of classic and modern design, where the best qualities of both are blended to create a kitchen that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

How to Complete a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Below are some of the main tips to help you make sure your kitchen renovation is a success.

Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Handles to Transform Your Space

Top 10 kitchen cabinet handles that not only upgrade your space but also provide an attractive look to the cabinets.

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