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Quick Project: Fit This Pullout Pan Rail to a Kitchen Cupboard

An easy do-it-yourself storage solution to cut out digging out pots and pans and storing them organised.




Rattle those pots and pans with the pullout rail that makes it easier to find what you need!









Organising pots and pans isn't an easy task. The only way to store pots and pans is to stack them on top of each other, but the hassle that comes with digging out a particular pan, especially at the bottom of the pile, is no fun. You end up having to take all the pots and pans out of the cupboard every time you need one. This pullout rail can easily be fitted to an existing cupboard and the ingenious design uses ball-bearing drawer runners that allow you to pullout the drawer, remove the pan you need and then push the rail back inside the cupboard. Clever, hey!





2 of 22 x 22 x 300mm PAR pine - adjust this to the width of the cupboard

1 of 16mm plywood or SupaWood - support slat

1 of 16mm plywood or SupaWood - carrier

2 of ball bearing drawer runner - to depth of cupboard

35mm screws

16mm screws

Wood glue


GOOD TO KNOW: All the sizes shown above are determined by the width and depth of the cupboard.



Drill plus assorted bits

25mm spade or MAD bit









1. Determine the dimensions

Before you can order the materials you need, you have to determine the dimensions of the cupboard where the rail will be mounted. Measure the depth, width and height of the cupboard. The most important measurement is to get the depth accurate as this measurement determines the size of the frame and the ball-bearing drawer runners you will need.





2. Cut and Assemble

With accurate measurements on hand, you can cut and assemble the frame for the pullout rail. It's easy enough; simply use wood glue and 35mm screws to connect the cross arms at both ends to the support slat, as shown below. Make sure to wipe away any wood glue that oozes out.





3. Attach the Drawer Runners

Separate the drawer runners as shown in this article and then use 16mm screws to secure the [2] drawer runners to the underside of the support slat. Make sure the ends of the drawer runners are flush with each other.





4. Complete Installation of Drawer Runners

The other part of the drawer runner is screwed onto the top of the carrier. Make sure to have all the measurements correct so that the [2] drawer runner components can be slotted in place.









5. Add the Cup Hooks

You probably won't be able to find the cup hooks shown below but that doesn't matter. You can use screw-in cup hooks, preferably a strong design, to hold your pots and pans. Screw the cup hooks firmly in place.





6. Install the Pullout Rail

Now all that is left to do is to fit the assembly inside your kitchen cupboard and test it out.







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