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Update floors with vinyl flooring

Whether you opt for luxury vinyl flooring or inexpensive vinyl tiles, vinyl offers a durable flooring option for a kitchen that is easy to maintain, long lasting and an easy DIY option.


Vinyl flooring has for a long time been considered an affordable and long lasting flooring option. Around the globe there are homes that still have vinyl floors installed over 40 years ago. There's no denying that vinyl floors are tough, and today's vinyl is just as durable, with more options to choose from. Luxury vinyl flooring or affordable peel-and-stick and self-stick vinyl tiles, if you are looking for an easy way to give any room an update, take a look at what vinyl has to offer.

Kitchen and bathrooms are the most popular rooms for vinyl floors. These rooms not only need flooring that is able to withstand a lot of daily floor traffic, in these rooms tiles also need to be waterproof and easy to maintain.

With vinyl flooring you have the option to select a product that fits in with your budget. For a stylish flooring option for any room in a room, luxury vinyl tile is available in plank or tile designs that are professionally installed, or bought for DIY installation. There is even a vinyl plank that can be directly installed over tiled floors, which is good news for the homeowner that doesn't want to go through the hassle or ripping up old tiles. And then there's the self-adhesive or self-stick vinyl tile that has been around for many years. While you will find a limited selection of vinyl tile styles at your local Builders Warehouse, there are many other local suppliers to choose from.

Rather than simply sticking down the tiles to butt against each other, the vinyl tiles were laid as you would a conventional ceramic tile - with the use of tile spacers and grout lines. Using this method you can replicate the look of ceramic tiles with the affordability and easy of installation of vinyl tiles.

GOOD TO KNOW: For this method you need to apply over a smooth substrate. If the floor is tiled, you will need to lay a plywood layer over the top of the tiles for a smooth finish.




For the homeowner looking for a stylish flooring option, and while more expensive than vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl tile planks is an option to consider for rooms that need a tough and easy to maintain flooring. Vinyl flooring is not fussy when it comes to wear and water, making it the perfect flooring choice for a home office, playroom or work space.

Laminate floors (excluding solid bamboo laminate) are easily scratched and affected by moisture. The laminate surface on these floors quickly wears away in high traffic areas and easily scratches. This is not the case with vinyl tile planks.

Vinyl plank floors are easily installed - in most instances the installation method is very similar to that of laminate flooring, with the individual planks being clicked together to form a solid flooring. After measuring up and cutting to size, the DIY enthusiast can install a medium-sized room in a day.

With all vinyl tiles, you have a choice of trim and moulding for finishing off around the edges after laying the planks or tiles.



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