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Save Money on your Kitchen Reno

When planning a new kitchen, or renovating an existing kitchen, it’s important to establish a budget. A budget will stop you from viewing - and falling in love with - options that are not in your price range.


When planning a new kitchen or existing kitchen renovation, it is important to bear in mind that wanting the best value for your money doesn’t mean opting for cheap alternatives. Whether it's that dream kitchen you always dreamed of, or updating an older kitchen, you will only be unhappy with in the long run if you don't fulfill your needs - and a few of your wants. Setting a budget beforehand simply means making sure that every cent of your budget goes towards a kitchen you’ll be happy with.

Reuse and Recycle Materials

Many kitchen renovations being by ripping out the old kitchen cabinets, but to keep costs to a minimum, think about what can be reused - or even sold. If cabinet carcasses are still in good condition and only need a bit of work, with new doors and fittings they can look as good as new.

South Africans are also becoming money savvy and selling their old kitchen cabinets online, which means you can pick up solid wood cabinets for a steal. Costing anywhere from R2500 upwards for a complete (small) kitchen you can save a fortune if you are prepared to spend the time giving old cabinets a makeover. If you need advice or tips on stripping, sanding, painting or staining/sealing old kitchen cabinets, visit our Kitchen Section.

Even countertops can now be found online, as homeowners realise that solid granite or quarts countertops can be sold and the money put towards a new kitchen or renovation. Countertops in granite or quartz can be recut, saving you money if you can incorporate these into the new design.

Look at the existing floorplan and consider that can be done to increase countertop and storage space by adding extra pieces. A central feature, such as a statement island, adds function and storage, and you can make up the rest of the kitchen using standard, basic-quality units.

Stay Within the Lines

Remodelling and reusing existing space can solve many of the frustrations you have with your inherited kitchen. The obvious merging of a dining and kitchen area could easily add two metres of extra space for a laundry hoekie or wall-in pantry, reducing the necessity to plan for this in a new kitchen or renovation - reducing costs and minimising disruption.

If you are finding that your kitchen is too compact and plan to add on for more space, make sure to link old and new spaces for a seamless flow. When you extend or add on, keeping your sink and appliances in the same position will help to minimise electrical and plumbing costs.

Shop Around for Best Buys

It's so easy to fall in love with a beautiful designer kitchen without checking that it offers the best value for money - or that's in line with your budget. The more you can plan ahead, the more chance you’ll have to shop around and save money, while still having the kitchen you want.

The cost of kitchen cabinetry, countertops, taps, sinks and appliances varies wildly, and if you can spend time researching different contractors and suppliers, you can save thousands on the total cost. But bear in mind that the cheapest may not be the best if not all of your requirements are met.

When using a contractor to install your kitchen, always ask for references from previous clients and, if possible, visit homes where they have completed similar work. Finally, always get a written, itemised quotation so you know exactly what you will be paying.

The actual installation of a new kitchen itself can be a key contributor to cost. You can cut this cost drastically by installing the cabinetry and countertops yourself, which anyone with medium DIY skills should be able to manage. Find more information on cabinet and countertop installation in our Kitchen Section.



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