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Remove foil wrap from kitchen cabinets

If you need to refinish cracked or peeling kitchen cabinet doors to paint them, you can do this yourself to save money. We show you how to remove foil wrap from kitchen cabinet doors.


It is possible to remove the foil wrap from kitchen cabinet doors, which is handy if you want to refinish your kitchen cabinets by painting them.


Craft or utility knife

Drill / Driver or screwdriver

Putty or palette knife

Hairdryer or heat gun



1. Remove the cabinet doors. Use a drill / driver or screwdriver to loosen hinges and remove handles or knobs.

2. Run a sharp craft or utility knife along the edges of the door. You only want to cut through the foil, so test on one door before doing them all and damaging the surface underneath.

3. With a hairdryer or heat gun, blow hot air over the foil on the door until the foil starts to lift. Insert a putty or palette knife and run this under the foil to loosen if the foil does not easily pull away.

4. Any remaining glue on the door can be lightly sanded away to give you raw SupaWood doors that can be painted. Find tips in our Kitchen Section for painting kitchen cabinets and doors.



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