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Before and after kitchen renovations

If you are looking to renovate or makeover a kitchen, we put together a selection of before and after kitchen renovation ideas to inspire you.


Whether you do-it-yourself, hire a local carpenter/handyman, or have a full-on kitchen renovation, the kitchen is still the heart of the home. It's the main hub where everyone gathers together in the morning before leaving for work or school, and in the evening to catch up on the day's events.

If done wisely, money spent on a kitchen renovation is always money well spent, and a kitchen renovation instantly updates and refreshes a home.

When buying a built home you don't get to choose the fittings and fixtures in a kitchen. Dark cabinets and Formica countertops are easily replaced and you won't have to rip out and replace the entire kitchen.

Wood cabinets still have a place in many kitchens, but if they're not for you, or if you find that they are old-fashioned and starting to look grubby, it's easy enough to sand down and paint them. You don't have to do this yourself, there are plenty of companies that now specialise in painting kitchen cupboards - so all the work is done for you.





If you do plan on painting kitchen doors, keep colours light and bright. Most before and after kitchen renovations on a budget include painting cabinets in a crisp white. That way you can add other elements to introduce colour and pattern.

Many older homes were fitted with pine kitchen cabinets as an affordable alternative to expensive hardwoods. While these probably looked good in the beginning, over time the wood and varnish take on a very yellow look that isn't appealing.

Where the framework is still in good condition, or your can't afford to replace doors, sanding down and staining, or painting pine cabinets, will give them a second chance and tide you over until you can afford to replace. If you have a limited budget but want to give your kitchen a new look, having new doors made to fit - and painted or stained depending on the material you use - allows you to have a fresh kitchen that will last for several years.

Another alternative for light cabinets, especially in a larger kitchen, is to apply a darker stain to provide a contrast with light fittings. Today there are so many stain colours to choose from - in wood tints and colours - that you can go light or dark to suit your own personal preference.

If you prefer to add colour to kitchen cabinets, take a look at the Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain range available at most Builders Warehouse stores. From antique white to black cherry, these wood stains are anything but ordinary - and are easy to apply. Follow the instructions on the can for a modern kitchen makeover without having to rip out or replace kitchen cabinets.

Whether your kitchen is small or large, if it's starting to bring down the value of a home it's time to look at renovating or replacing. What you do will be determined by your budget. You can make cosmetic changes that will update a kitchen for a few years until you have saved enough to do a full renovation, or you can make the decision to take out a loan and install a brand new kitchen.

Whatever your situation, you don't have to put up with a drab and dreary kitchen when there are so many inspired ways to add value to a home. Find even more inspiration, makeover and renovation projects in our Kitchen section. In this section you will find tips for affordable makeovers and cosmetic changes, and advice on choosing kitchen fittings and fixtures, as well as step-by-step tutorials for renovating a kitchen.