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When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances?

There comes a time when appliances reach a stage where repair becomes expensive or even impossible and you need to look at replacing kitchen appliances.





There comes a time in every home when appliances reach the stage where repair becomes an expensive option or spares are no longer available for your particular appliances. If your appliances cost more than 50% to repair this is when you should look at replacing them with more energy-efficient appliances.









Repair or Replace?

Every home appliance, small or large, has a lifespan and you need to be realistic when you have any appliances that are over 10 years of age. Some appliances might not even last as long as 10 years and as soon as something goes wrong and you need to have repairs done before you do look at the estimated cost to repair and whether or not the appliance is worth the outlay. Even a repaired appliance has a limited lifespan and you may end up paying for repairs that only add a limited period for operation.



Shopping for New Appliances

It is realistic to understand that the price of new appliances won't be the same as what you paid when you bought them. Inflation and new technology mean that any appliances you need to replace are going to be more expensive and for this reason, you need to go online and research the various options open to you.







Buying the Right Model

Another excellent reason for replacing appliances is that, whatever you buy nowadays as compared to 10 years ago, is most definitely going to be energy-efficient and save money on your monthly bills, as well as perhaps offering more functionality. Added to that that new kitchen appliances will upgrade your kitchen and make it more efficient and user-friendly. After 8 to 10 years you will know what you like and dislike and can choose a new appliance that offers added benefits that will come in useful.


Does the New Appliance Fit?

Too often, when out shopping you are not sure if an appliance is going to fit into the existing space. Let's be honest, even the same brand of refrigerator might not be exactly the same as the one you are replacing. It might be wider or taller than the space available and you don't want to wait until it is delivered to find this out.

Measure the appliances to be replaced (width, depth, height) so that you can take this along with you when selecting a new appliance for your home.


Take measurements of your old appliances to make sure the new ones will fit!


Streamlined or Compact Designs

Remember when eye-level ovens were all the rage? Every home had one or wanted one. Well, if you are still using an old eye-level oven there has never been a better time to replace this with more compact oven designs that offer far more benefits and perhaps even free up additional space in a small kitchen.

Another area that you can give yourself additional space is with compact microwaves, stackable washing machine and tumble dryer combinations or even a washing machine and tumble dryer in one.







Choose a Design that Becomes a Feature

Since you are replacing an older model appliance, replacing this gives you the freedom to select a modern, contemporary or traditional appliance that will become a feature in the kitchen. Where appliances are more than 10 years old and manufactured at a time when white was the preferred option, now you can buy appliances in colours, metallic finishes and beautiful designs that can be picked to enhance any style of kitchen.


Buy at the Right Time

Timing the purchase of new appliances to coincide with special offers or price discounts will save you money. Keep an eye on your local press for details on upcoming sales or sign up for newsletters and promotions on particular brands or at your choice of supplier. You may also be able to pick up a special deal on end-of-range sales or promotions, even though end-of-range is still 10 years or more advanced than your old appliance and still more energy-efficient.


Cleaning out the Kitchen

 With the arrival of a new appliance, you also need to make arrangements to get rid of the old one, and it's not something you can take to the local dump.

When buying new appliances to replace your old ones, keep in mind that someone else might benefit from them. Consider selling your old - working - appliances via an online auction site or find out is repair agents want to buy your old appliance for spares.




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