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Other Uses For Kitchen Cupboards In The Home

Kitchen cupboard carcasses, your old kitchen cupboards or flat-pack closets can be used in other rooms in the home to provide easy and affordable storage solutions.





Being a person that likes to recycle as much as possible, I often look for new ways to use old stuff. Kitchen cupboards are one area that tends to get overlooked and yet buying inexpensive kitchen cupboard carcasses (frames) or using your old kitchen cupboards or even buying a flat-pack closet system is a great - and affordable - way to add more storage to a home that is good looking and practical. With this in mind, I put together a few ways that you can utilise new or old kitchen cupboards in almost any room in the home.


1. Kitchen cupboards in a dining room

In a home with an open floor plan or dining room that is open to the kitchen, the dining room is almost an extension to the kitchen and provides you with the perfect opportunity to add more storage using kitchen cupboard carcasses or old reclaimed kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

Using the framework provided by kitchen cupboard carcasses, you already have a foundation on which to build and create a wall of storage or just a small storage or display area for your accessories.







Adding extra storage cupboards to a kitchen also gives you plenty of additional space that you can use for storing your favourite dinner service or cookware and you can replace solid doors with glass doors to create a stylish wall of storage.


Think about how much time and effort it would save you by buying ready-made kitchen cupboard carcasses to set out a storage unit for a dining room. With the framework in place, all you need to do is add doors and finishing touches.





2. Create a reading nook or small library

For anyone who loves to read and has amassed a large collection of books, designing and installing a reading nook or small library is a dream come true. When you take a look at these rooms the first thing you notice is a wall of storage that can be filled with your favourite books. Look a little more closely and you will be inspired by how you can utilise ready-made kitchen cupboard carcasses to provide the foundation for the bookcase storage.


A reading nook or library is easy to assemble if you start with a row of floor cupboards and build on top of this. In this way, you can design a wall of cupboards that complements the style of your home and also one that meets your needs - whether you have open shelves, solid or glass panel doors.


3. Organised home office or workspace

With the trend towards more people working from home, space for a home office is a must-have. Even a small area carved out of living space needs to be organised and this can easily be achieved by using kitchen cupboard carcasses or by upcycling your old or found kitchen cupboards.

Using flat-pack components, readymade cupboards or upcycling old cupboards makes it easy to set up an organised home office. And with all that storage, your home office will always look neat and tidy and not an eyesore in the home. Work around the bare bones to design and decorate a personal working area with space for all your essential accessories.


4. Plenty of storage for bathrooms

The problem with most readymade bathroom storage is that it is uninspiring and bland. Why not purchase a few kitchen cabinet carcasses and repurpose these to fit your needs.

Bathrooms always lack storage and even when they do have a fitted unit under the sink, they still don't provide enough storage for all your bathroom and grooming essentials.

While kitchen cabinets are deeper than conventional vanity units, you can utilise this to your benefit in a medium to large bathroom or trim them down to fit into a small bathroom.


If you do decide to purchase or upcycle kitchen cabinets for use in a bathroom, remember to raise the units off the floor and install a waterproof worktop over the cupboards. Most kitchen cupboard carcasses, cabinets or closets are manufactured using SupaWood {MDF} or particleboard. Both these products absorb moisture, so keeping them dry is essential. Apply several coats of paint and they should be good for many years.





5. Set up a laundry area

While I know that many South African homes do not have a dedicated laundry room, there is always the opportunity to put an under-utilised space to work as a laundry area. Adding kitchen cabinet carcasses or upcycling kitchen cupboards will help get this room organised to its maximum potential and provide storage for all your washday essentials.

Kitchen cupboards can be installed to frame your washer and dryer or you can add a door to the unit to completely hide these out of sight.


Kitchen cupboards can transform an area into a functional space to store cleaning and laundry products out of sight and you can even designate a cupboard for your laundry hampers





6. Playrooms for children

A playroom is another room that will benefit from additional storage provided by kitchen cupboards. These cupboards offer optimal storage for toys and games and will bring a sense of order to a play space. Make sure to incorporate plenty of storage options by using drawers, open shelves with baskets and also make it easy for children to take out and put back their toys.


Other ways to use kitchen cupboards for storage

There are plenty of other ways to use kitchen cupboard carcasses, upcycle or reclaimed kitchen cupboards, or flat-pack cupboards or cabinets for storage in the home. Set up a coffee station, add a linen closet, create a home bar - just use your imagination and try to visualise a storage project you have in mind and how you can utilise these materials.





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