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It Is So Easy To Completely Transform A Kitchen

One blogger transformed her 1960s kitchen without having to do any major renovations and using affordable and readily available materials.




I have featured more than a few kitchen transformations on the website, some that are just about painting kitchen cupboards and others that involve more renovation work to be done. This particular kitchen transformation is one that can be done easily and affordably using readily available materials and doesn't involve any ripping out, replacing or major renovation work.



Here's how Ruth Jackson, real homes blogger, transformed her kitchen without any major renovation work.


1. Paint Makes a Huge Difference

We all know that paint is the most affordable option for a makeover in any room in the home. The most challenging aspect of using paint for a makeover is selecting the right colour. It is also essential to use a quality primer and paint if you want a long-lasting and durable paint finish, which is what you need in a kitchen. The paint should be scrubbable and impervious to moisture in this sometimes heated environment.



Using a clever decorating trick, Ruth painted a feature wall in the same colour as the floor-mounted kitchen cupboards. Doing this ties everything together for a seamless look that fools the eye into thinking the kitchen is larger than it actually is.

Don't be afraid to experiment with paint colours as this is a great way to make a small kitchen feel larger or wider or brighter. Think about what the kitchen needs to look better.

What's nice about painting kitchen cupboards and cabinets is the ability to change the colour if you want to try something new. With a quality primer and paint already applied, all you need to do is give a light sanding and apply a new coat of paint.









When selecting the right colour, choose a colour that will bring new life to the kitchen, whether it's a dark, earthy hue or a bright refreshing colour.



Keeping the layout the same eliminates the need for a plumber or electrician.







2. Disguise Unsightly Features

If new appliances aren't on the budget for the time being, you can always disguise unsightly features until you can afford to buy new ones. There are plenty of options to choose from for disguising ugly appliances from using paint to give them a different look to applying a veneer onto the doors or even using self-adhesive Contact vinyl.



Ruth took an easy option and covered a dated refrigerator with wallpaper. To stick wallpaper onto a metallic finish you will need to use a sprayable adhesive such as those offered by Bostik and Alcolin. Spray on both surfaces (fridge and wallpaper) and let dry for a few minutes before carefully placing the wallpaper on the surface and smoothing out any air bubbles (work your hands from the centre outwards). Apply 3 to 4 coats of ModPodge or a clear polyurethane sealer to provide protection and allow for cleaning.



3. Replace An Ugly Kitchen Countertop

While it might not be necessary to replace existing kitchen countertops, if you are going for a new look overall it is something to consider, especially in light of the fact that new Formica LifeSeal countertops are affordably priced and easy to install.

This is where you can decide whether you want an affordable Formica countertop or would prefer to look at granite, quartz or a composite kitchen countertop option.








4. Introduce Personality and Custom Finishes

Custom details are the finishing touches for any kitchen makeover. In Ruth's kitchen transformation, a wall bump-out provided the perfect place to install a pinboard feature for copper pots and pans, with light fittings in the casual dining area to match the copper finishes.

Swapping out hardware and light fittings completes the look and dresses up the kitchen.



Adapted from article via Real Homes magazine





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