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Add moulding and trim to cabinets

You can give your kitchen cupboards a new look by adding mitred moldings and trim to the existing cabinet doors. A number of decorative trims are available at your local Builders Warehouse and it's easy to stain or paint the trims in a contrasting or matching colour.

You will need:

Moulding and trim in your desired style
Mitre box and saw
Prominent Paints Matt or Satin acrylic or wood stain
Wood glue
Wood filler





Here's how:

1. Measure and mark the length of one moulding strip on the outer edge and mark the angle of the cut (corner).

2. Using a mitre saw and mitre box, cut the strip at both ends and repeat this procedure with all remaining strips.

3. Lightly sand the edges and check the fit of the strips to ensure a proper fit.

4. Paint or stain the moulding strips and allow to dry.

5. Apply wood glue sparingly to the underside of the moulding strip. Position carefully on the door and clamp into position. To protect the trim from damage, use scraps of timber. Remove any excess glue immediately.

6. Remove the clamps once the glue has dried. Fill any gaps between the corners with wood filler and touch up with paint.