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How To Give A Kitchen A Revamp On A Tight Budget

You have been wanting to give your kitchen a revamp for ages, but how can you do it on a tight budget? We tell you how!



Delinia Kitchen - From R25,000 at Leroy Merlin


Times are tough, and even more so with the Corvid-19 pandemic placing our economy in dire straits and leaving everyone wondering what is to come in the future months. Your plans for a kitchen revamp have now been firmly placed on the back burner as you wonder how you can find the funds to achieve your plans on a tight budget. But don't worry too much, there are plenty of ways to have that kitchen revamp without going over budget if you are prepared to put a little effort into it yourselves. Let's take a look at some affordable ways to get the kitchen revamp you want and keep it within your budget.







Delinia Kitchen - From R25,000 at Leroy Merlin



Having a new kitchen installed by a professional kitchen company can run into thousands and thousands of Rands, mostly because you are paying for their time and expertise, but believe it or not, you can have a dream kitchen on a budget if you are prepared to do-it-yourself. And before you go running for the hills, doing-it-yourself doesn't necessarily mean that. If you skills with power tools are sub-zero or you don't know the difference between a router and an angle grinder, there are skilled people that will fit a DIY kitchen for you... commonly known as a handyman.


Delinia Kitchen - From R25,000 at Leroy Merlin







Flatpack kitchens cost substantially less than a fitted kitchen, by almost 50% less, and the savings you make on this can go towards new appliances you need for the kitchen revamp, or towards a more expensive countertop material, or even back into your bank account. The point is, A DIY kitchen installation will save you plenty.

Most large hardware stores such as Builders and Leroy Merlin offer a varied selection of flatpack kitchen options, plus countertops, plus appliances, plus all the hardware you need, and at a cost that is far less than what you would pay for a fitted kitchen. And they can still look fantastic - despite the cheaper price tag!


Delinia Kitchen - From R25,000 at Leroy Merlin



Yes, you want a kitchen revamp. But does it have to involve ripping out and moving everything around? Can you not keep the sink close to the existing water lines? or the stove close to the power outlet? Can you not somehow work around the water, plumbing and electrical supply lines that are already in place? Simply by NOT moving things around is another huge saving that can be made. You might need a plumber or electrician to move things around a bit, but not to the extent that they need to chase out walls for wiring conduits or dig up floors for waste pipes.

If you really want that kitchen revamp - on a budget, think carefully about how you can keep everything in the same place perhaps with some minor modifications or alterations here and there. 







Delinia Kitchen - From R25,000 at Leroy Merlin



Special offers and promotional deals are always a great way to cut down the prices on anything you need for your kitchen revamp, particularly appliances. It pays to keep an eye on the press or regularly check with stores to see who is holding special offers or promotions. You can easily save up to 15% on the price of an item simply by being on the lookout. If you are looking for special pricing, subscribe to newsletters or promotional mails that keep you informed of any such deals.

Items such as large and small kitchen appliances, tiles, flooring, and even paint can be had at reduced prices if you buy as and when on offer. Even if you don't have the funds for the total kitchen revamp right now, it might be a good idea to buy what you need as and when it becomes available, so that you have everything you need ready to go when you can proceed with the project.


Delinia Kitchen - From R25,000 at Leroy Merlin


Keep in mind that, with what has been happening in the country - and around the world - prices are set to skyrocket. It might not be a good idea to what too long to get that kitchen revamp started - before it does become too expensive.



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