Add a glass splashback to your kitchen

Give your kitchen a glamorous makeover with a glass splash back and add some colour to your kitchen!






Give your kitchen a glamorous makeover with a glass splash back. Not only does a glass splashback add colour and ambiance to the kitchen, it's a modern and affordable alternative to tiles and laminate. Plus, glass splashbacks offer a stunning, glossy finish that is easy to keep clean. Go on... add some colour to your kitchen!


DIY Glass Splashback



Want to have a glass splashback in your kitchen but can't afford it?



Today's paints and digital printing products mean that you can apply any colour or design to create your own truly unique and beautiful splashback as an alternative to paint or tile. Any glass manufacturer/supplier will be able to cut  toughened glass - minimum 6mm thickness - to size for easy installation in a kitchen. If the area is rectangular or square and you can measure the space where it is to go, you can install your glass splashback. For an irregular shape you will need to create a template for the glass manufacturer/supplier.

When using toughened glass you will need to allow for holes for screw fixings and cutouts for plug sockets, etc., beforehand, as this can not be done after the toughening process has been completed, so be sure to inform the glass manufacturer/supplier beforehand.

The side of the glass to be painted is given a light sanding with 800-grit dry/wet sandpaper and thoroughly cleaner with lacquer thinners to provide a key for the paint to adhere to. Although you can use a non-drip enamel and foam roller, the easiest and most cost effective way to apply a colour to the back of the glass is to use one of the Rust-Oleum range of spray paint products. This type of application provides a brush stroke free finish without any air bubbles (when applied correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines).





Attach the glass splashback to the wall with suitable screw fixings. You will require screws that have an internal thread to accept a finished screw cover. These have removable, domed heads and are often called mirror screws.