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Affordable ideas for a mini kitchen makeover

If you are working on a limited budget but want to give your kitchen a makeover, give these ideas a try to breathe new life into a kitchen.



If you are looking for easy options for updating a kitchen, replacing cabinet doors might seem like an economical alternative to totally replacing cabinets. However, bear in mind, especially with older kitchens, that you may have to replace the hinges as well. Also take into consideration that not all cabinets are created equal - kitchen cabinet door manufacturers only supply standard sizes, and you are going to battle to find doors for custom cabinets.

An easier solution would be to consider having your existing doors spray-painted, or spraying them yourself with one of Rust-Oleum's spray paint products. Unless you are wanting a rustic finish spray painting is way better than painting with a brush, which can cause blobs and drips in the grooves of the door profile.





Before you start, give cabinets a good clean out and check for any sagging or warping. Where water damage or mould has damaged shelves, have new boards cut to replace these. You can have a wide range of board products cut to size at your local Builders store.

With a new paint job you will also want to fit new hardware to complete the transformation. You will find a selection of knobs and handles at your local Builders, or search online for your nearest supplier if you don't find what you need.


Countertops play a functional and visual role in any kitchen, so if there is one area where you might want to splurge - this is it. However, replacing countertops with Formica laminate countertops provides a wide range of affordable options to choose from, and you can quite easily tackle this as a do-it-yourself project.

Should you consider granite, quartz, natural stone or caesarstone countertops hire a specialist who will measure up and cut countertops to size for professional fitting. Take a look at the pros and cons for each product, as some require regular maintenance, and be sure to check references when obtaining quotations.


Modern pendants or other accent lighting fixtures add instant elegance to a kitchen. When shopping for lighting it's important to decide on the best light sources for fixtures. LED is an energy efficient alternative that might cost more upfront but lasts for years. LED is also a softer option to glaring halogen fixtures and commercial-style CFL fittings. Shop for designs at your local Builders or at lighting suppliers.

Replace old-fashioned recessed lights with modern energy-efficient styles with little or no repairs to the ceiling.

You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen. Most kitchen have insufficient lighting for all the tasks that take place in this busy room. If you don’t want to hire an electrician to install more built-in lighting, there are lower-cost options such as LED rope and strip lighting, which can be fitted under wall-mounted cabinets.

If you can't afford to splurge on designer light fittings at the moment, put this on hold until you can afford to buy what you need to up the lighting in the kitchen.


Stools provide comfortable seating if you have a breakfast bar or nook. The DIY savvy can easily make their own stools using supplies readily available at your local Builders. If you already have stools that are looking a little worse for wear, a fresh coat of paint and an upholstery job will soon make them look new again. Consider adding nailhead detailing for a trendy finishing touch.


The budget might not allow for new flooring to be installed, but if it does, you have various options to choose from. Nowadays you are not limited to tiles, tiles and more tiles.

Consider DIY laminate flooring, luxury vinyl planks and flooring, look at the new inkjet-printed tiles that replicate concrete and wood, or check out the options for a polished concrete floor.

If you are working on a tight budget, look at DIY options that will save you money. Most flooring solutions offer you the choice to do-it-yourself or have a professional installer do the job for you.

When planning a mini makeover set yourself a budget and aim to stay within this. You can cut costs by simply adding new kitchen accessories to refresh and add colour at minimal cost. You should also never underestimate the power of paint. Use paint in a variety of ways to give the space the feeling of a brand new kitchen.

Even something as small as cleaning and decluttering can made a big difference to the space. We all tend to accumulate stuff over the years. Replace with something new and fresh, or keep it minimal with an uncluttered expanse of countertops.

Make or buy new window treatments for fresh appeal. Coordinate fabrics and colours with the style of the kitchen, or use fabrics to introduce pattern and colour in a bland kitchen. Roman blinds are easy to make and you can choose your own fabric and style.

Storage space in a kitchen is at a premium, and you can incorporate open shelving for both a visually attractive and a practical solution.  Use shelves to declutter countertops or display some of your favourite pieces. You will find plenty of ideas for storage shelves for a kitchen here.

Another inexpensive way to give your kitchen a mini makeover is to update or change cabinets rather than replace. While we have already looked at painting cabinets for a fresh look, other alternatives include cutting out door panels and fitting wire or glass.

If you haven't used power tools before and want to find out more about the many benefits of knowing how to do your own projects in and around the home, visit to select a workshop close to you.