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Kitchen renovations that won't empty your wallet

If you are planning on spending your annual holidays on renovating the kitchen you will find inspiration in these kitchen renovations that didn't cost a fortune but did give dated kitchens a modern update and a brand new look.

It's amazing what you can do to turn a dated kitchen into a modern and practical space that you will love to spend time in.

The original white cabinets are completely given a new look by removing the door fronts on the top cabinets and replacing these with glass panes, while the bottom doors are left off for open shelving.

While a new tile splashback is added, the cream tiles are painted white as a contrast to the black cabinets.

Inkjet-fusion tiles replace the old floor tiles, but this could have been left as is, or laminated flooring laid over the top if the layout allows for a slight height adjustment. Tile Africa have an amazing selection of inkjet-fusion tiles at very competitive prices.





Replacing kitchen countertops is a project that can be done in a day, or a weekend for a larger kitchen, if you are looking at using countertops that are easy to work with, such as Formica laminates. You will find a small selection at your local Builders or hardware store, or browse online timber and board suppliers for a wider selection of colours and finishes.

The laminate floor remains, but rather than blend into the original wood cabinets, now shines as a warm feature in the space. 

Old wood cabinets can easily be removed, revamped and replaced in a kitchen. Not to mention that it's easy to add details to completely change the look for a modern feel.

Add 6mm MDF frames around doors to introduce Shaker style. New hardware and a couple of coats of paint are all that's needed for almost-new cabinets. This type of cabinet is easy to make as a do-it-yourself project - saving you money when giving your kitchen a reno!

Don't rip out when you can renovate. While white kitchens are definitely trending, this homeowner wanted a more earthy and warm effect in the existing sterile kitchen. To do this the original cabinets were painted in white with grey door panels to complement the new stainless steel kitchen appliances.

The introduction of a simple wood frame kitchen island topped off with white ceramic tile turns the kitchen into an eat-in kitchen where the chef can mingle with family or friends.

The original design only had a small window that didn't let in a lot of natural light, so the homeowners added a recessed ceiling area fitting with downlights to brighten up the space and that also gives the illusion of a skylight. 

Paint can be used to easily and quickly transform any piece of furniture - turning old fashioned into trendy pieces for the cost of a tin of paint. As long as you take the time to prepare beforehand, there's no reason why painted furniture shouldn't last a long time. You will find plenty of tips, tricks and techniques in our Decorating section.

You can have a wide range of paints tinted in unlimited colours at your local Builders or paint store. Simply select a few paint swatches, take these home to view under different light conditions, and then have your paint mixed. 

Where a dining space is not being used it makes more sense to incorporate this into a kitchen for one dual-purpose space that is far more appealing and practical.