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Two Tone Kitchens

The modern kitchen is moving away from all-white and neutral colours and embracing the two-tone look.


If there has to be a favourite for the latest trends, it's the two-tone kitchen. I'm still waiting to get round to my kitchen revamp, and this is definitely the look that I love. I've already decided to go with a Shaker-style kitchen design, especially as I will be doing the entire revamp as a do-it-yourself project, and a Shaker design for the cabinets is definitely an easy one to do without too much effort.

The two-tone kitchen trend is all about painting the upper and lower cabinetry in two different hues, generally from the same colour swatch but with the top being far lighter than the base. You can incorporate the trend for two-tone cabinets into almost any kitchen; from Contemporary to Rustic (see above). This trend will definitely add an interesting contrast to a plain kitchen and will allow you to play with colour to complement your living spaces.

The two-tone look for kitchens allows a kitchen to appear more spacious than it actually is, which means it's great for a small kitchen too. The darker, base cabinets 'ground' the kitchen while the lighter upper cabinets almost appear to 'float' over the space.

GOOD TO KNOW: If kitchen flooring is dark consider a not-to-dark colour for the base cabinets or use the dark colour as an accent colour to highlight particular features in a kitchen.

If your kitchen is due for a makeover or a revamp, take a look at the latest trend for two-tone colour in a kitchen. If you decide to do-it-yourself, you will find plenty of tips in our Kitchen and Decorating sections for painting kitchen cabinets and then it's a quick trip to your local Builders or Prominent Paints to grab everything you need to get started.

GOOD TO KNOW: Ask for advice on the best paints to use for your particular kitchen, and if they don't know or can't help, do some online research to make sure you use the right paint for painting kitchen cabinets.

Loving the beautiful Shaker-style cabinets in these kitchens. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a great way to breathe new life into a boring kitchen and create eye-catching visual impact. You can choose to go with white or light grey and a darker colour on the base, or take your cue from a colour swatch, with a lighter colour hue for the top cabinets and a dark hue for the base.


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