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Paint Kitchen Cupboards Yourself Or Hire A Professional Sprayer?

When looking to give your kitchen a revamp should you paint kitchen cupboards yourself or hire a professional sprayer?




Before and After of kitchen renovation, including painted cupboards


Having painted more than a few kitchen cabinets and cupboards myself and achieving successful results I am often asked if it is better to paint kitchen cupboards yourself as a DIY project or hire a company that professional sprays kitchen cupboards. There is a short and long answer to this question but it all depends on how good you are at painting and the equipment you will use.







Paint Your Own Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets

For anyone that enjoys painting projects, painting kitchen cupboards and cabinets might not be too big of a deal. It's just another project, right? And in a way, it is just another painting project but it's also one that needs to look great once you are done and not one that looks like you painted the kitchen cupboards. Even though I post plenty of articles on the benefits of painting your own kitchen cupboards it should be stressed that for a kitchen makeover to look good - the painting also has to look good and that's not always easy to achieve.







So yes, you can paint kitchen cupboards and cabinets, but do be aware of your limitations and how good the finished result will look. When I paint any project, I do it with my Bosch PFS spray gun, and that alone gives me the ability to achieve an almost perfect finish. If you are painting by hand there are going to be a few boo-boos along the way. You have to be careful about leaving brushstrokes, thick paint around edges, overlapping painted areas and so on. If you are just looking for a quick and easy makeover then go ahead, but if you are wanting a professional finish, think twice about doing it yourself.



With my kitchen renovation almost finished and just a few final touches required, I can show you how painted kitchen cupboards look when you do it yourself using a spray gun. I will be sharing my kitchen renovation in its entirety in a couple of weeks but here are a few images of the process of making and painting the kitchen cupboards.



All the kitchen cupboards and cabinets were made from scratch using 16mm SupaWood {MDF} and then painted. The first cupboards to go in were those mounted on the wall so that the backsplash could be tiled to fit around them. Then it was time to assemble and install the floor units, which were also made from scratch.



All the cupboard and cabinet doors, including the drawer fronts, were painted using a Bosch PFS spray gun and it is almost impossible to tell the difference when compared to ready-painted doors. Plus, I wanted Shaker-style doors and got to make them myself.








Hire A Professional To Spray Paint Kitchen Cupboards

There are now plenty of professionals out there that offer the service of spray painting kitchen cupboards and cabinets and these guys offer a quality service. Just make sure to check references before you sign on the dotted line.

A professional respray company takes all the worry off your shoulders about the finished look and quality of the paint finish applied. Most of these companies will collect and return the doors and offer on-site painting of carcasses and frames so that you don't have to have all the stress and mess that goes along with the project.


With the philosophy of "why replace when you can respray", you can give any kitchen an instant makeover without the exorbitant cost of replacement or the inconvenience of ripping out and replacing cabinetry. Sign up with a professional resprayer that offers a guarantee on the painted finish to eliminate worry about chipping or cracking later on.


Having your kitchen cupboards professionally resprayed takes about 7 to 10 days depending on the size of your kitchen. Doing the painting yourself takes a fair bit longer but you don't have a guarantee at the end of the process. If you fancy the idea of having a professional respray done on your kitchen, have 2 to 3 quotations in hand and check references before you commit. If you are looking for a professional in your area, enter 'kitchen respray' in the search bar for available suppliers.







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