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Why you Should Fit Soft-Close Hinges to your Kitchen Cupboards or Cabinets

No matter if you are installing a new kitchen or updating an old one, soft-close hinges should be on your shopping list - and here's why.




Blum offers a wide selection of kitchen fittings that include soft-close hinges and rollers for doors and drawers.








Technology is always bringing about new advancements in all areas and the kitchen is just another example of how technology can improve our way of life. Anyone who is planning a kitchen renovation or installation or looking to update an existing kitchen should be aware of new gadgets and fittings that can make life easier. While there are many advances to consider, we look at soft-close hinges in this article and how fitting these to your kitchen cupboards and cabinets will bring about an improvement.



This article is not intended to promote any particular brand of soft-close hinges but is intended to let you know that cheaper hinges are not always the best option.





What are Soft-Close Hinges?

Firstly, let's look at the various hinges that can be fitted to kitchen cupboards or cabinet doors. There are a variety of hinges that include simple butt hinges that are installed between the door and the frame, and there are Euro or concealed hinges - also known as cup hinges - that are generally fitted as standard to newer kitchen designs. A soft-close hinge is a variation of the Euro or concealed hinge, one that has a soft-close design that prevents the door from slamming shut.







Soft-close hinges have a built-in mechanism that slows down the force that would normally slam the door against the frame. When the door is opened, only slight pressure is required to activate the soft-close function and the door gently and slowly closes to rest against the frame.



Can you Update any Cupboard with Soft-Close Hinges?

For those planning to replace their existing hinges with soft-close hinges, there are many local suppliers of soft-close hinges, but not all offer these hinges for every situation. I have a single cupboard where the door opens out and over and I was unable to source affordable soft-close hinges that would work. Having said that, if I had just put a little aside for Blum hinges all my kitchen cupboards would be fitted with soft-close hinges.



My pantry needs to allow for drawers to be pulled out, which means the door must be fully opened and out of the edge of the frame to allow opening and closing of the drawers.





Other than this door, I have fitted soft-close hinges to all other kitchen cupboard doors. I didn't splurge on expensive hinges and even the cheaper hinges serve a purpose and haven't - so far - let me down. However, most DIY hinges that you buy at hardware stores - or stores that specialise in kitchen fittings -  are generally of inferior quality when compared to the likes of Blum door closures. Blum takes technology to a new level with their range of kitchen fittings and their soft-close hinges are probably the best in the world, which is why you should consider whether it is better to buy cheap or invest in the real deal.







The Bottom Line

Even though my kitchen renovation came in at low cost, I now wish that I had spent a little more on better quality soft-close door and drawer hinges and rollers. If you are planning any update or renovation on a kitchen, keep this in mind when putting together a budget. Not only will quality hardware last longer - but it also works better too!



The video below offers more information on the Blum range of soft-close hinges for kitchen cabinets and cupboards.






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