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Declutter your Kitchen Cabinets

I am into the next phase of my kitchen renovation,  this step required a total declutter of all my kitchen cabinets, so I'm sharing some tips on the best way to do this.


My kitchen makeover is taking a long, long time, purely because I don't have the time - or budget - to do it all at the same time. That doesn't bother me much, as doing it in stages hasn't been an inconvenience and has saved me a lot of money. The next step is to remove and replace the existing peninsula at the end of the kitchen and I needed to declutter my kitchen cabinets before I could do this.






When I began the decluttering process, I couldn't quite believe how much stuff was jammed into the kitchen cupboards. So cleaning them out was a good way to organise the kitchen at the same time. If your kitchen desperately needs a good cleanout, try these tips to declutter and organise your kitchen cupboards.

The kitchen is the busiest room in a house, so it makes sense that it sometimes gets overloaded with junk. And let's be honest, sometimes you get so stuck into what you're doing that you tend to throw stuff into drawer and cupboards and hope for a day when you can sort it out. Unfortunately for many of us, that day doesn't seem to come along and we just keep pushing more stuff away. This really means that your kitchen becomes a disorganised mess.



1. Make lists

In the kitchen you generally apply a specific use for each cupboard, whether it's mugs and cups, glasses, plates or pots and pans, each cupboard will have a specific purpose. Working with one cupboard at a time, write down what's in each particular cupboard. That will help when it comes to sorting out and getting organised.

2. Clean out

As you are taking stock of what's in each cupboard, remove the items so that you can give the inside of the cupboard a good clean. A cleaner such as Handy Andy or Chemico liquid is great for removing grease and grime without too much effort, but make it even easier by using a gently scouring pad (not steel wool). Wipe dry after cleaning.

3. Sort out the items

With everything laid out for view, you can sort through what was in the cupboard and determine what's no longer needed. Be strict with yourself - don't keep items that are broken and never fixed, or items that you haven't used for some time. You don't necessarily have to toss these out, but don't let them take up valuable space in the kitchen.






4. Stack and store

Now you can put everything back where it goes, referring to the original list you made to ensure all the items go back in the right place. If you find it hard to reach all the items stored in a cupboard, look at fitting a pullout shelf or storage shelves/baskets to keep everything organised and easily accessible.



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