Veggie rack using pallet wood

This vegetable rack is made from reclaimed wood pallets and is a great way to store your fresh veggies.



Quick Project: Make a kitchen island for storage

This mobile kitchen island not only offers extra storage space for your kitchen, it also serves as a practical island that breaks up an open plan kitchen / dining space.



DIY Kitchen Cabinets

If you have to know how to make your own kitchen cabinets you can design and install a do-it-yourself kitchen that fits in with your budget and that can be customised any style.



Make This Unique Cutting Board

This unique cutting board has a space that allows you to fit a plate underneath the board to catch your chopped veggies, etc.


Pullout Shelf for Kitchen Cupboard

In older kitchens the cupboards don't always provide the storage you need, so why not make your own storage drawers to have easy access and store more.


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Handy Space Saving Wine Rack

In a small home or townhouse, finding space to put a wine rack can be difficult. This handy space saving wine rack fits underneath your wall-mounted cabinets.


Quick Project: Pine Chopping Board

Don't spend a fortune on a pine chopping board when you can make your own for around R80!


Turn a pine dresser into a kitchen island

Every kitchen could do with a little extra storage and countertop space. An old pine dresser is transformed into a mobile kitchen island to contain clutter and provide a handy worktop.


DIY Spice Rack

Make a handy spice rack using small pieces of pine or meranti, to have all your herbs, spices and condiments on hand when you need them.


Make a pine bread bin

Looking for something different for your kitchen? This pine bread bin is easy to make with laminated pine shelving, and you can stain or paint the finished bread bin.


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DIY Shelf Brackets

Given the total lack of choice when it comes to decorative shelf brackets, making your own DIY shelf brackets is the way to go!



Colourful, Personalised Pot Trivet

Use pine offcuts to make a colourful, personalised pot trivet that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. It's also a great Mother's Day gift idea.


Quick Tip: Under-sink storage

Contain clutter under a kitchen sink by adding a tension rod to hang cleaning products.



Practical kitchen storage island

Almost every kitchen could use more countertop space and storage. This freestanding island offers both and is easy to build thanks to bought legs and a clever way to create the extra-thick top.


Mobile storage cart

Make a storage cart - any size you want - that can be used for storage underneath a worktop or in an empty space.



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Hidden laundry station

Finding space in a small home for a laundry nook or place to hang laundry on rainy days can be difficult. We offer a dual-purpose solution to the problem.



Vintage cutting board

This beautiful, vintage cutting board can be made from reclaimed wood, hardwood offcuts, or pine from your local Builders.



DIY mobile kitchen island

This project was designed for EASY DIY magazine and for all you Kreg pockethole jig owners. It's a simple design that is extremely easy to assemble and allows you to add on extra elements if you want to.


Affordable ideas for a mini kitchen makeover

If you are working on a limited budget but want to give your kitchen a makeover, give these ideas a try to breathe new life into a kitchen.



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Ideas for a grocery list

Instead of hunting around for scrap paper we put together some ideas for making a DIY brown paper grocery list. All these ideas are quick and easy to make with a few supplies from your local Builders.


Undersink storage compartments

Use the space under your sink for organised storage for all your cleaning products with these easy undersink storage compartments.



Recycle old CD's into a shimmering backsplash

If you still have some old CDs lying around, here's a unique way to use these to create a shimmering bathroom or kitchen backsplash.



Fold-down dining table

You can make this wall-mounted dining table or desk using laminated pine or 16mm marine plywood and leave as is or stain and varnish in your choice of finish, or you can make using 16mm MDF and paint to match your existing decor.


Make a wood knife block

Make your own knife block using offcuts of PAR pine or Meranti and have a practical knife block that holds all our kitchen knives for easy access and also out of harms way if there are young children in the house.



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Recycled items for practical kitchens

Recycling is a trend that is more than a passing fad. People are looking at ways to re-purpose and re-use household items and waste to create recycled home decor and accessories that are beautiful and practical.



Storage shelf for pantry or kitchen door

I have decided it's time to organise my small pantry. This kitchen storage shelf can be added to the back of any door and can be made in any size, for storing spices, sauces, or other kitchen essentials that you use on a day-to-day basis.



DIY mobile kitchen island

This DIY mobile kitchen island is an easy project that uses shelf components and a piece of Saligna or hardwood for the top.



Casual eat-in kitchen

This year I'm definitely into colourful options for my home - every room in a home, so I loved these visual ideas for a colourful kitchen or eat-in kitchen.  



Reclaimed timber kitchen island

There are plenty of projects where you can use reclaimed timber in useful ways, and there are many sources of reclaimed timber.



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Self-adhesive hooks hold pot lids

I have seen a lot of great ideas popping up on the Internet, but from an affordability and organisation point of view this is one of the best.



Add a colour splash to your kitchen

Live in a house long enough and you soon become bored with the look. It's nice to be able to go out and buy a can or two of paint and spend an hour or two painting a few small walls to make a huge difference.



Mobile kitchen countertop or server

When you need extra counter space or a mobile server or bar cart, this kitchen cart is the perfect solution. It can be as sleek or as casual as you like, depending on your colour choices and finishes. 



How to make your own kitchen cabinets

Since most ready-made kitchen cabinets only come in standard sizes, you may need to make your own kitchen cabinets if you want custom or irregular-sized cabinet.



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Build a laundry cupboard

Being the experts at designing cottage and shabby chic furniture, we asked Shabby-Chic to give us advice on designing the perfect furniture for a laundry room.



How to add mosaic tile to kitchen countertop

In last month's issue of Home-Dzine Online I gave my kitchen countertop a makeover. After a couple of weeks of living with it, I decided I wasn't happy and wanted to consider another option - applying mosaic tile to a kitchen countertop.



Fit a shelf above kitchen cabinets

Make use of empty space above your kitchen cabinets by fitting an attractive display shelf that you can easily build in a day.



Grow fresh herbs in your kitchen

You can have fresh herbs all year round with a built in countertop herb garden. The only requirement is that the plants receive a fair amount of light during the day, so preferably place close to a window.



How to tile a kitchen splashback

Just as good looking as it is practical, a tiled splashback is a smart option for upgrading hardworking surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.



Add moulding and trim to plain kitchen cabinets

Give kitchen cupboards a new look by adding mitred moldings and trim to the existing cabinet doors. A number of decorative trims are available at your local Builders Warehouse and it's easy to stain or paint the trims in a contrasting or matching colour.



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Easy DIY storage options for a kitchen

Installing pull-out storage drawers allows you to have full access to cabinet space for storing most kitchen items. Simply by removing the centre panel [stile] on a cabinet and attaching it to the door, you can install wider pull out shelves inside your cabinets.



How to make raised panel cabinet door

Adding raised panel doors allows you to be more creative with the style of door that you choose to replace existing kitchen doors.



Easy DIY pullout storage for a kitchen

Not only practical for a kitchen, you can use pull-out drawers and shelves in your built-in cupboards to store shoes and clothing, inside bathroom cabinets to allow for easy-to-reach storage, and they are particularly handy as a replacement for fixed shelves in a pantry.



A kitchen update you can afford

Use Rust-0leum spray paint to spruce up tired kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs. We used Rust-Oleum to lift a dreary kitchen. Storage tins and wicker baskets on the work top are sprayed with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2X in Sage Green (Gloss) and Berry Pink (Gloss).



Distressing kitchen cabinets

The main technique described in this project involves applying two layers of contrasting paint and then sanding the surface to reveal underlayers of paint and bare wood.



How to paint kitchen cupboards

One of the most dramatic things you can do to revitalise your kitchen is to change the look of your kitchen cabinets.



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Paint kitchen cabinets in two tone

Add interest to your kitchen with two-tone painted cabinets. Painted in a dark and light shade the contrast these cabinets are also given an antique effect.



Drawer Dividers

A trip to the hardware store, a couple pieces of wood and some amazing glue... and you can say hello to organized bliss.



Hanging pot rack

Keep cooking utensils within reach by building a lattice pot rack to hang them from the ceiling.




Chalkboard menu board

Build a custom-framed chalkboard to hang in your kitchen, creating a central location for everyone to leave messages, write up menus or keep up with each others' schedules.



Rotating storage shelf

Get everything within reach! This spacious, double-level shelving unit pivots in and out effortlessly and allows you to keep clutter out of sight and still within easy reach.



Add a pole space rack

I have always wanted a pole system in my kitchen, but when I went out to buy one recently, not only was it quite pricey but they didn't have the components that I wanted in stock. So..... here we go again. Here's how to make your own pole system for the kitchen countertop.



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Extend or lengthen kitchen countertops

Add an extension to your existing countertop or worktop to provide more space or add a breakfast bar.



Update traditional wood cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is an affordable and fairly easy way of giving your kitchen a face lift. If your kitchen features cabinets stained a dark colour or where the colour has become yellow, a coat of white paint will brighten the look.



Add more countertop

Add an extension to your kitchen to add even more countertop space and a place for casual dining - without sacrificing your work surface.



Kitchen organisation centre

Sort out a messy and cluttered kitchen with an organised pantry or kitchen cabinet. A 4-door pantry cupboard can easily be customised to keep a household organised - as well as to store food.



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