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Add a colour splash to your kitchen

Live in a house long enough and you soon become bored with the look. It's nice to be able to go out and buy a can or two of paint and spend an hour or two painting a few small walls to make a huge difference.


This kitchen got a coat of Plascon Polvin matt in a deep, turquoise blue and then a swirly design with Plascon Waterbased Glazecoat

They say that a change is as good as a holiday and Beth at sawdust and embryos felt that a change was due in her kitchen.

With a glimmer of an idea to paint something special on one wall, she toyed around with lots of different ideas. But in the end decided on a subtle swirly pattern.

Using Plascon Polvin (B2-C1-4   Casa del Mar)  as a basecoat for the one for its flat finish. she then applied Plascon Waterbased Glazecoat in a gloss over the top. I just love the way it turned out. And it was super easy... took an afternoon to complete. Plascon Waterbased Glazecoat is a durable, non-yellowing, clear acrylic emulsion glaze coat available in gloss and matt finishes.





Plascon Polvin is a superior-quality paint for interior and exterior use. This highly durable paint applies easily and dries to a smooth matt finish that is easy to clean with great scrubability. It provides superior hiding and excellent spreadability. This is ideal paint for family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, ceilings and exterior walls. This durable and easy-to-clean matt coating is available in a wide range of UV-resistant colours that won't fade over time.

The design below was photocopied onto a transparency, and using an overhead projector, the image was projected onto the wall and traced with a pencil. If you try this, be sure to use a pencil that's close in colour to the wall paint colour. Otherwise you'll find yourself having to do several coats just to cover up your blasted pencil lines.

Does it sound like I learned that the hard way ? Well you're right !

We'd love to eventually replace our unfortunate kitchen appliances, but that may never happen with us being all frugal...