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How to turn a Crib or Cot Base into a Laundry Drying Rack

If you have a crib or toddler bed that has a base like the one shown here, it's perfect for turning into a laundry drying rack.




There are plenty of times where I come across great project ideas, and especially those that recycle or upcycle items that you may already have at home. In this project, Jessi at practically functional has used an old crib base that she no longer has a use for and turned it into a laundry drying rack.







The laundry drying rack is perfect for all your laundry items that you normally hang outdoors on coat hangers and can be mounted under a patio roof, in a basement, or in the garage, to provide a place to hang your wet laundry when it's raining outdoors or too cold for laundry to dry. Pop on over to her website for more great projects ideas.








And then I stumbled upon another project that uses a crib spring frame that can be replaced by a toddler or single bed spring base. I found this one on a diamond in the stuff. For both of these laundry drying rack options, the steel spring frame was painted with Rust-Oleum spray paint. If you plan on hanging this outdoors, I would recommend that you use Rust-Oleum spray enamel for maximum protection on the steel bed base.


Both of these upcycled spring crib or bed bases are hung from the ceiling, either with steel brackets or on chains, so it's easy enough to adapt if you have your own ideas for this type of project. They are a great option if there is no space indoors to hang your washing on rainy days, or your washing line isn't large enough to cater for your washday loads.




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