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Modern Kitchen Makeover with Scandi Accessories

Scandinavian design uses a lot of raw wood accents and this style of design is excellent for giving a tired kitchen a fresh makeover.


The Scandinavians know a lot about sensible design. They have a way of combining sleek elegance with rustic wood for a stunning design ethic that is practical, warm, brighter and lighter. For the past decade, we have admired the beautiful designs that have popped up on the web, these have inspired us to incorporate a little bit of Scandi in our own homes.






One aspect Scandi design that  is easy and reasonably inexpensive to replicate is their use of light timber for accents and accessories. As a country that relies on pine production as an affordable source of timber for DIY and home improvement projects, pine can be stained, sealed, varnished, whitewashed, waxed or painted, or you can leave it in its natural state for a more organic and natural look.







The projects on this page can be done with pine plywood or veneered plywood in maple or birch. These are all available locally, the first being readily available at Builders Warehouse and the latter two being a bit more difficult to obtain. Alternatively, use laminated pine shelving for the Wine Rack and pine dowels for the shelf unit - both options available at Builders Warehouse countrywide. The step-by-step instructions for both projects are in metric measurements, so no need to do any conversions, and all the materials are readily available.

Refresh your kitchen with light wood accents that are naturally beautiful and let the warmth of wood bring a new element into a neutral kitchen decorated in crisp whites and cool greys or lightest blues. If you need to bring in more warmth, add a few metallic details.




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