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Rotating storage shelf

Get everything within reach! This spacious, double-level shelving unit pivots in and out effortlessly and allows you to keep clutter out of sight and still within easy reach.


Here's an easy solution to all that inaccessible clutter on the floor and at the back of cabinets and cupboard. With one pull, you can bring stored items out of the dark recesses and into easy reach.

Chances are, the measurements shown here won't be best for your cupboard. The surest way to determine the right size for your shelf is to cut a quarter circle from cardboard and test the fit.

If your cupboard has double doors, you can still build this shelf, but you may need to open both doors to swing it out.


A: 12mm plywood cut to size 300 x 300mm
B: 12mm plywood cut to size 330 x 300mm
C: 12mm plywood cut to size 300mm radius
D: 3mm hardboard cut to size 45 x 600mm
12mm wood screws and finish/cap washers
Piano hinge
Cabinet handle






  • To make the curved shelves, just mark a half circle and then cut it into two equal quarter circles.
  • We finished our shelf with Woodoc 10 interior sealer.
  • Piano hinges come in various lengths, but you probably won't find exactly what you need for your shelf. That's OK; you can cut it to length with a hacksaw or Dremel MultiTool and cutting disc..

1. Install the edging, then trim it. Cut the hardboard edging a few centimetres too long, fasten it with screws and slice off the excess with a fine-tooth saw. Finish washers give the screws a neater look.

2. Raise the shelf with spacers and align the shelf back with the inside edge of the face frame. Screw the piano hinge to the shelf back, then to the cabinet.

You may have to notch the shelf back to clear the door hinge.