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Rainy days and laundry

Finding space in a small home for a laundry nook or place to hang laundry on rainy days can be difficult. We offer a dual-purpose solution to the problem.


Not every home has the space for a place to organise laundry. Having a small nook where you can install a tumble dryer (or perhaps a washing machine) with storage space for supplies, as well as an extendable washing line for rainy days, is the ideal solution.

An empty nook is fitted with roller blinds at the top and bottom to provide a laundry station that can be hidden out of sight when not in use.





At the top, an extendable drying rack allows you to discreetly hang washing on rainy days. Ready made cabinets below offer storage cupboards and shelves for all your laundry supplies. Pull down the roller blind and everything is nicely hidden away.