Soft Cotton Fabric Bowl Covers You Can Make - or Buy!

As we try to move away from anything plastic a new type of covering - one that is cotton and reusable, is taking over and becoming increasingly popular and very easy to make.






Set of Cotton Bowl and Dish Covers from and priced at around R395 per set of 4.




Soft cotton bowl covers are an organic alternative to plastic and are definitely 100% eco-friendly, a green alternative and non-toxic. They are becoming increasingly popular as we look for new ways to reduce plastic manufacture and becoming more aware of how much plastic is in our lives. We might not be able to do without some form of plastics, but we can cut down on the amount of plastic we use in our homes.


SAfricans love their food! We spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer - whether it is relaxing in the garden having a braai with friends, entertaining family on weekends or driving out to a location to enjoy nature and the surroundings. And as SAfricans, food is always a part of our celebration. When packing up food to take outdoors or on the road, alternatives that limit the use of plastics in any way is preferred. With this in mind, we look at how you can make - or buy - soft cloth covers for bowls and containers.



What are Soft Cotton Bowl Covers?

As an alternative to clingwrap or plastic lids, soft cotton covers can be purchased - or made to fit - over any size or shape of the bowl and either made using a pretty printed cotton fabric or a plain cotton fabric onto which you can add your own designs. There are plenty of online stores where you can buy soft cotton bowl or dish covers, but they can be pricey, which is why we look at how you can make soft cotton bowl covers yourself.



For more information on the fabric dish and bowl covers shown here and available on Etsy, copy and paste the link under the images to be directed to the online store.







How to Make Soft Cotton Bowl or Dish Covers

When you take a closer look at bowl or dish covers, they are generally a circular, square or rectangular piece of fabric that is larger than the bowl or dish onto which it will fit. With an open pocket sewn around the edge of the fabric and then thin elastic is inserted (and you can use a safety pin to pull the elastic through) and closed off at the end.


Pop into your local fabric store to find your favourite patterns or prints or purchase plain cotton fabric and apply your own designs using fabric pens. Even if you don't have a sewing machine, with a basic running stitch - done neatly - you can still easily make cotton bowl and dish covers.



Use fabric paint pens to create your own designs
on plain cotton fabric.




After making cotton cloth bowl covers you can use these repeatedly and simply wash them between use.





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