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Quick Project: Handy Herb Pot Shelf for a Kitchen

If you have some scrap wood lying around, use it to make this handy herb pot display for your kitchen.


Having fresh herbs in your kitchen lets you pick your favourite herbs for adding to meals. A display of herbs will also add a fragrant display to your kitchen, and you can mount this handy herb shelf close to a sunny window. 

Compact and easy to make, this herb pot display shelf can be made for two (or more) of your favourite herbs. You can even make more than one display shelf to add even more herbs to have a choice to pick from.

Designed by Build Something, this herb display shelf is a quick project that you can make in an hour or two.




1 of 19 x 90 x 610mm PAR pine - back board

2 of 19 x 90 x 127mm PAR pine - shelves

2 of 19 x 25 x 44mm PAR pine - brackets

Keyhole bracket

32mm pocket-hole screws

Wood glue

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour


Drill / Driver with assorted bits

Kreg pocket-hole jig



Orbital sander plus 120-grit sanding pad

Tape measure and pencil






1. Use a jigsaw to cut a curve at one end of both shelf pieces. Sand smooth.

2. Set your pocket-hole jig for 19mm material and drill [2] pocket-holes, as shown above.




3. To hang the shelves you need to mount a keyhole bracket on the back. Place the keyhole bracket on the back and trace around it. Drill a few shallow, overlapping holes with a 10mm wood bit so that the keyhole bracket will be flush with the back. Sand smooth.

4. Apply wood glue to the back edge of the shelves and secure on the backing board with screws.

5. Cut the [2] pieces for the Shelf Brackets with a jigsaw, cutting a curved edge as you did for the Shelf edge. Sand smooth.

6. The Shelf Brackets are a decorative feature and can be glued in place. Clamp in place, or use masking tape, to hold in place until the glue dries.



7. Now you can finish sanding the entire shelf unit before wiping clean to apply your choice of spray paint colour. You will probably need to apply 2-3 coats for a nice finish. Once painted, hang onto the wall in a sunny position in your kitchen.




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