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Self-adhesive hooks hold pot lids

I have seen a lot of great ideas popping up on the Internet, but from an affordability and organisation point of view this is one of the best. Use self-adhesive cup hooks mounted on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door to hold pot lids...

This quick cupboard door modification will leave you with more time to enjoy cooking dinner and sipping wine and less time searching for that elusive pan lid that's hidden itself inside your deepest stock pot or slipped down behind that slow cooker you've never used.

Things you may want to consider are whether the bottom one will stick out too far into your cupboard and interfere with objects sitting on the bottom shelf. Position it high enough that it won't do this





When you think you've got a good layout, hold a pan lid up against the cupboard door and draw a mark in pencil at the 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock. If you draw them too close to 3 and 9 it will fall out, if you draw them too close to 5 and 7 it might not be so stable.

Your local Builders Warehouse store have a selection of self-adhesive hooks that you could use for this project.