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DIY Knife Blocks for storing your Kitchen Knives

Every home cook uses a variety of knives for chopping and cutting, and instead of keeping them in a drawer where the blades can blunt, here are some great DIY knife block ideas.



Whether you buy your kitchen knives as and when you can afford them, or you have bought a complete set of expensive knives, you need a place to store these for easy access and to keep the blades sharp. Making your own knife block is a reasonably easy DIY project, and you can make a knife block that sits nicely on your countertop or in a kitchen drawer.



The whole point of a knife block is that it protects the cutting edge of knives to keep them sharp. Knife blocks also ensure that the super-sharp cutting edge of the not does not become damaged, as can happen when you store your knives in a cutlery drawer.


Make up a simple box shape that can be filled with pine or bamboo skewers to keep knives firmly in place. All you need to make a basic knife block are some pieces of hardwood and pine or bamboo skewers. Find instructions here for making this knife block.



There are all types of materials that you can use to fill up your knife block, and many you probably already have in your pantry. Don't toss out old or expired grains and beans - these are ideal for adding to a container to hold your kitchen knives.





Knife blocks come in a variety of design styles, but you will find that most are manufactured using wood, whether new wood or reclaimed wood. What is more important as a design element is the way the block holds the knife blades, as it should offer maximum protection.

You have a wide range of options for making your own knife block, from using organic elements, as shown above with this amazing log knife block, to more simple designs. If you have access to exotic hardwood offcuts or scraps, these can quite easily be used to craft a basic box that can be filled with pine or bamboo skewers to hold the knives in place.



Depending on your DIY skills, you can go even further when designing your own knife block to incorporate unique features. The circular knife block shown above also rotates to give you even easier access to knives. Rotation is possible via small steel ball bearings in the base that allow you to turn the knife block in any direction. Find instructions for this knife block on instructables.



You can use assorted materials such as pine and plywood to craft your very own knife block. The knife block shown below is fast and fun to assemble and also has a small storage compartment for your knife sharpener. The vertical slots hold your knives firmly in place and won't dull the blades over time. This is a perfect project that you can complete in an afternoon if you already have some scrap wood lying around.


Taking up very little space on your kitchen countertop, I love this see-through knife block, and you can make it easily using a scrap piece of wood and some Duracryl or clear acrylic that you can purchase at Builders Warehouse. This nifty project lets you see all your knives at a glance yet keep them safe and sharp.


If you have an extensive collection of knives, make a larger version of the block and acrylic knife holder for your kitchen countertop.


Use different woods to create an interesting two-tone knife block, or use one type of wood and apply contrasting wood stains to achieve the same effect.



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