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Pole dance in the kitchen!

I have always wanted a pole system in my kitchen, but when I went out to buy one recently, not only was it quite pricey but they didn't have the components that I wanted in stock. So..... here we go again. Here's how to make your own pole system for the kitchen countertop.



40mm plumbing pipe
Connectors for 40mm pipe
Tangit PVC-U cement
80-grit sandpaper
Pattex Epoxy Glue
Jigsaw and clean cut blade to cut pipe
Material for trays (I had some leftover Perspex)
Tape measure and pencil
Spirit level






1. Measure the height from the kitchen countertop to the ceiling.

2. Cut individual sections of pipe to length. You will need to cut again later on, so keep the jigsaw handy.

3. Dry fit pipe and connectors and check the fit.

4. You may need to cut off a bit on the pipes, as the connectors add to the height.

5. Apply Tangit to the inside of the connectors and fit the pipe sections together, inserting the trays.

6. Use a spirit level to ensure that the pole is straight at all angles. Place masking tape around the bottom of the pole to protect your countertop and apply epoxy glue to the top and bottom of the pole to hold in position. Remove the tape before the glue dries.


You can make the trays out of Perspex, have glass cut to size, use 9mm supawood, chrome-plated basketware, and even old LP's!