Quick Project: How To Give Ugly Appliances A New Look

Not everyone has the funds to buy new appliances and have to do with what they have, but this clever solution will give your ugly or dated-finish appliances a new look.





When you are giving your kitchen a facelift of a makeover, you don't necessarily have the funds to replace dated or ugly appliances which might spoil the finished look you are hoping to achieve. Should you like to give this a try, there are a few options you could consider to disguise the finish on these appliances, or a way to make them stand out as a perfect complement to the kitchen makeover.

One way to disguise appliances that spoil the look of a kitchen is to apply self-adhesive vinyl or washable wallpaper to the visible parts, such as on doors or drawers. In this particular instance, with some trendy washable wallpaper leftover from a project, this was carefully applied to the front of an old dishwasher. The colours in the wallpaper perfectly tie in with the colours in the kitchen rug in front of the dishwasher as well as the rosy hues in the seashells on the kitchen countertop. Rather than stand out and look out of place, the newly disguised dishwasher looks like it belongs in the space.


Turn an old refrigerator into a feature that harmonises with the design of your kitchen makeover.


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If you fancy the idea of applying washable wallpaper to an ugly appliance, use a contact adhesive to ensure it properly bonds to the face of the appliance. Also, make sure to glue down all the ends so that it won't peel or rip a few months down the line.







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Contact self-adhesive vinyl is great for this type of project. I only wish there were more design options available. You can buy Contact paper at Builders or Leroy Merlin or get in touch with www.Gordons.co.za. If you aren't able to get the pattern you want, there's always the option of sourcing what you need overseas and having it shipped to South Africa.

Keep in mind that you should not apply any covering to oven doors, as the heat will quickly destroy any covering.


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