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Handy Space Saving Wine Rack

In a small home or townhouse, finding space to put a wine rack can be difficult. This handy space saving wine rack fits underneath your wall-mounted cabinets.


Made using 16mm SupaWood (MDF), you can paint the wine rack to match your existing cabinets - or use 16mm plywood and stain to match wood cabinets.


16mm SupaWood or plywood to make the frame*

2 of 90 x (*) SupaWood or Plywood - front and back

1 of (*) x (*) SupaWood or Plywood - top

*The sizes will be determined by the length and with of your cabinets and also your wine bottles.



80mm hole saw

Tape measure and pencil


Note that most Builders stores only stock Shutterply and not pine plywood. If in doubt, ask at your local store.






1. Measure the length and width of your wall cabinet. Since most wall cabinets are approximately 300mm wide, this should allow plenty of space for a wine bottle of 300mm length. Once you have the measurements you can cut the top width and length, as well as the length for the front and back. 

GOOD TO KNOW: Most conventional drill/drivers won't have the power to drill with a hole saw. It's better to use a corded drill (min. 500W) for this.

2. Using an 80mm hole saw, drill out matching holes in the front and back section. The number of holes will depend on the length of your cabinets, but be sure to allow at least 20mm between each hole.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use this handy hole saw tip when drilling with a hole saw.

3. Use 40mm screws (countersunk) to join the top to the front and back sections.

4. Before mounting the wine rack, take the time to sand, prime and paint or stain.

5. Clamp the wine rack to your cabinet and add support with a scrap piece of wood and then secure to the underside of the cabinet with suitable length screws.