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Build a countertop extension

Add an extension to your kitchen to add even more countertop space and a place for casual dining - without sacrificing your work surface.


This project is designed as a standalone unit that can be secured to your existing cabinetry and topped with a Formica LifeSeal worktop, available in a wide variety of finishes and colours.

You’ll need to adjust the leg height to match the height of your base cabinetry.





For this project we used Meranti, but you could also use pine stained - with Woodoc stain concentrate and sealed with Woodoc 5 or 10 - to match your existing kitchen cabinets.


1. Have the legs cut to the height of the existing kitchen cabinets, and the supports as long as the length of the extension.

2. Using dowels to join the unit together allows for a screw-free design, but you can also countersink screw heads, cover with wood filler and sand smooth. Alternatively, get yourself a Pockethole Jig - perfect for strong joins without visible screws.

3. Mount the countertop onto the frame by fastening underneath. To join your new extension to the existing countertop, use joining strips for a perfect finish.

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