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Make This Unique Cutting Board

This unique cutting board has a space that allows you to fit a plate underneath the board to catch your chopped veggies, etc.


Designed by BuildSomething, this cutting board has a unique feature that allows you to slip a plate underneath the cutting board. You will need to use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to make the cutting board, and you will find more information on this product here.

Not something I have seen before, I think this is a nifty idea, as it allows you to transfer your chopped veggies, etc., onto a plate with ease.





If you plan on making this unique cutting board, use Meranti or a hardwood like Teak, to make the cutting board. These woods don't have large pores that trap bacteria, and are easy to work with.


4 of 19 x 140 x 356mm - sides

1 of 19 x 64 x 508mm - handle

1 of 19 x 64 x 305mm - bottom centre

32mm coarse-thread pocket-hole screws

Waterproof wood glue

Howard Butcher Block Conditioner and Oil (available at tools4wood)


Mitre saw or table saw

Jigsaw plus clean-cut blade

19/20mm spade or MAD bit

Kreg Pocket Hole jig

Kreg Clamp

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Orbital Sander plus 120- and 180/240-grit sanding pads

Tape Measure and Pencil

You will find a selection of Meranti boards and planks at your local Builders Warehouse.



1. For the top and bottom sections, cut [4] sides as shown below. Set your jig at 19mm to drill pocket holes along one side of each side section. Sand any rough edges smooth.

GOOD TO KNOW: Note the location for the pocket holes on the diagram below, as this ensures the holes are not in the way of the plate cut-out section.

2. Cut out the handle for the top section and the bottom centre for the bottom section. Use the diagram below as a pattern for cutting out the handle with a jigsaw. Use a 19/20mm spade or MAD bit to drill out the centre hole in the handle. Sand the cut edges smooth.

3. To assemble the bottom panel, align [2] sides against the bottom centre and secure with waterproof wood glue and 32mm screws.

GOOD TO KNOW: Clamp the sections to ensure a snug fit. Sand smooth.

4. Using the diagram below, use a jigsaw to cut out the plate recess in the assembled bottom panel. Sand cut edges smooth.

5. Assemble the top panel by securing the [2] sides onto the handle section. Use waterproof wood glue and 32mm screws to secure. Sand any rough edges smooth.

GOOD TO KNOW: Clamp the pieces to ensure the sides and handle are flush.

6. Apply a layer of waterproof wood glue to join the top and bottom sections. Make sure the two sections are flush around the edges. Secure with clamps until the glue is dry and then sand the edges smooth.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use a sander and 180/240-grit sanding pads to round off all sharp edges.


Because this is a cutting or chopping board intended for cutting food, apply a food-grade oil such as Howard Conditioner and Butcher Block oil. This product is available online at Tools4Wood.