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Extend your kitchen countertop

Add an extension to your existing countertop or worktop to provide more space or add a breakfast bar.



22 x 100mm pine planks*
22 x 305mm pine shelving*
Pine cove moulding
30mm wood screws
Wood glue
Wood filler
4 corner braces
Panel pins 50mm
paint (Valspar Signature Colors, Creative Ideas for Color, Pine Bark CI 65, satin)
Table saw or circular saw with straightedge guide
Mitre saw or handsaw with mitre box
Drill/driver with assorted drill and screwdriver bits
Hammer with nail set
180-grit sandpaper
Foam roller, paintbrushes and tray
Tape measure
Spirit level

Note: Lengths will be determined by the length of the countertop.






Note: Drill pilot holes for all screws using a countersink bit.

1. Cut two 305mm wide boards and two 100mm boards into lengths equal to that of the countertop height - less 100mm.  Position the 100mm pieces flush with the inside edges and ends of two 305mm pieces, and attach using glue and screws. These assemblies will be the legs of the peninsula.

2. Position one 305mm board flush with the outside edges of the leg assemblies, and attach using glue and screws. Position the second on top of the first, and attach using glue and screws.

3. Cut two 100mm pieces to match the depth of the assembly (305mm). Position them flush with the top edges of the outside of the assembly, and attach using glue and screws.

4. Position the moulding flush with the back edge of the top and attach using glue and panel pins.

Note: If the edges of your countertop are straight, you do not need to apply the moulding trim.

6. Cut the remaining 1 x 4 x 6 boards to match the width of the assembly, and position them flush with the top edges of the front of the assembly and attach using glue and screws.

7. Fill all the holes and seams with wood filler and leave to dry.

8. Sand to remove all excess traces of wood filler and wipe clean.


You can stain and seal or paint your new countertop extension to coordinate with the kitchen.

Stain and seal using Woodoc 10 indoor sealer and stain concentrate in your choice of colour.

Paint with Prominent Paints - Sheen or Rust-Oleum 2X Painters Touch spray paint.

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