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LED strip lights for a kitchen

Looking for a fun way to add colour to a kitchen? The surface mounted LEDs allow these strips an amazing amount of flexibility without causing damage; they can bend and twist in just about any direction imaginable.


Using an adhesive backing, LED strip lights can be stuck just about anywhere.  They are used for lighting projects by designers, developers, and home owners. Use them for creative accent lighting on fascia's, cabinets, coves or arches.

The lumi LED strips are amazingly bright and are available in warm white, white, blue, green, red, yellow, and a multi-colour version! These 12-volt-ready LED Strips are sold in 1metre lengths with as many inter connectors you choose so you can easily connect them together. Simply plug and play.

Your electricity bill will be kept to a minimum as the lumi LED strips draw very little power. They are extremely efficient and therefore do not heat up which means they are less of a fire hazard, particularly in confined spaces.





Lumi LED strip lights are sold per metre and come in a variety of colours, including a multi colour strips shown above, which you can dynamically control and change the colour.

The LED strips are extremely durable, flexible and waterproof. You can join the strips together using the lumi LED strip inter-connector for a single colour or for an RGB colour strip to make up whatever length you require. You will need the lumi LED strip power connector to attached to one end and connect this to your lumi 12v transformer power supply. You can have up to approximately 12 metres on one lumi power supply.