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How To Add Personal Touches To Your Rental Kitchen

You might be living in a rental property, but that doesn't mean you can't add personal touches and character to a rental kitchen.



Anyone who rents a property that they like to call home knows that landlords aren't alright with you making any permanent changes to the property, but there are plenty of temporary ways that you can give your kitchen a new look by adding personal touches here and there.



In a rental property, kitchens aren't big on colour. White tiles, white cabinets and cupboards and a bland countertop are usually what you get. But there are plenty of ways to bring your personality into a rental kitchen using appliances.


• Splashes of Colour

Think colourful pots and pans from Le Creuset in your favourite colour. Put them on display in a tiered stand or take off a door on a wall-mounted cupboard and let them add a bold splash of colour to the kitchen.



You can purchase Le Creuset kitchenware in a range of vibrant hues and mix them up for more impact or select a single colour that complements your decor colour palette.







• Stylish Design

Another way to bring unique character to your kitchen is to put your retro or stylish appliances out on display. Don't settle for average when you can splurge on upmarket designs that only cost a few rands more. A consistent look with matching appliances will draw immediately draw attention and up the look of a rental kitchen and when you appliances match they will create a harmonious theme rather than a distraction.


And, again, you can use kitchen appliances that complement the style you want for your kitchen or to bring colour into the space.








• Consistent Colour and Design

The large appliances that you select for your kitchen are something you take with you wherever you go, so it's important to choose wisely when buying these. While you want good quality and energy efficiency you also want good looks and consistency when it comes to colour and design. Opt for a single colour for all your large appliances.


You can now choose from a variety of finishes: from black to stainless steel to white for a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and refrigerator. Since these feature prominently in a rental kitchen, try to keep to a single design and finish.



If there is one easy way to bring your personality into a rental kitchen it's with textiles. Using plain colourful or printed fabrics for window treatments that coordinate with your tea towels, cloths and other kitchen accessories.



Don't miss out on an opportunity to breathe colour, pattern and texture to a rental kitchen that is provided by window treatments. You can make your own Roman or Austrian blinds using your choice of fabric, and making your own lets you choose the ideal fabric for your kitchen.


Making a custom blind for a kitchen window shouldn't take more than an hour or two and you don't necessarily need a sewing machine either. Instead of sewing around the edges and hem, use double-sided iron-on tape to seal the edges. All the other accessories you need can be purchased at your local Builders store.






Just like any other room in a rental home, houseplants are a must-have to finish off a kitchen. You can have a single plant if you don't have a green thumb, or you can grow herbs on your kitchen windowsill. Succulents are trendy at the moment and these beautiful treasures don't require much in the way or care and maintenance other than a sunny spot and occasional watering.


Making a simple shelf to hang in front of a kitchen window is a great way to bring plants into a kitchen without losing any countertop space. These are hundreds of design ideas on Home-Dzine and Pinterest that you can make with only basic tools and a few supplies.





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