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Wood Kitchens are Lighter and Brighter in 2020

When posting articles on kitchen trends, particularly colour trends, we always receive enquiries asking 'but what about wood kitchens - are these still popular?'


On Home-Dzine, we often post articles on kitchen trends, and particularly trends that look at colours for a kitchen. After posting these articles, enquiries pour in for information on wooden kitchens with readers asking us about wood kitchens and are they still popular or now are considered old fashioned or dated? I personally believe that solid wood kitchens will always have their place, especially when you consider the warmth and natural beauty that you have with a wood kitchen. However, styles for wood kitchens have changed over the years.







Not everyone likes the look of a painted kitchen or a kitchen with cabinets and cupboards manufactured using synthetic materials, as these that lack the personality and charm that comes with wood, and for this reason, wooden kitchens will always have their supporters - and quite rightly so. A solid wood kitchen is an investment that lasts a lifetime, all you need to ensure is that the kitchen doesn't become too dated unless of course, that is exactly the look you are going for!





Nowadays, you will find more natural finishes with matt sealer replacing the high gloss favoured years ago. Gone are the honeyed-yellows of yesteryear, to be replaced by lighter woods or wood stains to finish off kitchen cabinets and cupboards.







If your kitchen cabinets have yellowed with age, or the varnish applied has yellowed over the years, strip this back with sanding or stripper to reveal the beautiful wood underneath. Once that's done, there are now natural matte finish polyurethane sealers that provide a perfectly matte finish that offers the same amount of protection and that will not yellow with age.

Wood kitchens have an elegant look that can be accented with metallic elements, so it is easy to give a wood kitchen an updated look or add stylish details. Just keep in mind that today's wood kitchens are all about simplicity. Remove detailed panel doors and replace them with Shaker-style doors. Swap dated handles with modern knobs and handles. You may even want to consider updating hinges to soft-close hinges.


If you love the look of a solid wood kitchen but don't think you can afford the price tag, you could always look at doing what everyone else is doing; consider only have half the kitchen fitted in solid wood and the remainder in more affordable painted cabinets. That way you end up with a super-trendy kitchen at half the price!







Another alternative to consider is to have the cupboard doors manufactured using veneered plywood in your choice of wood veneer. Veneered plywood is one of today's most popular sustainable materials for furniture and fittings, and even for floors and cladding walls. It's another way to have a wood kitchen if you are working on a tight budget.



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