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Colourful Kitchen Trends for 2020

We have seen kitchens transform over the past few years, as honey-toned kitchens fade out and more sophisticated colours take over on kitchen cabinets in 2020.


As someone still busy with a kitchen renovation, I'm very interested in the trends for 2020 for kitchen cabinets. We have seen honey-wood kitchen cabinets fade away as more sophisticated blue and grey hues take over the kitchen. While my kitchen is not quite finished, but will hopefully be done in the next month, I have already settled on mid-grey hues with lighter grey thrown into the mix, with a white cabinet on the wall. Seeing the new kitchen colour trends for 2020, I'm happy with my decision and so far loving the new look - which I will be sharing shortly.







Colours for Kitchen Cabinets

One thing is for sure, light and dark grey hues remain a popular choice for kitchen cabinets and I see this trend staying with us for quite a while. You only have to look at how these colours have a dramatic effect on kitchens to see how nicely they work, not only to give a kitchen the illusion of more space, but these colours are clean and sophisticated. I still love the idea of a 2-tone kitchen, with darker colours for the base cabinets and light - or white cupboards on the walls.

Blue and grey continue to be popular colours for 2020, but you can have the perfect hue mixed at your local paint store or Builders. You can have both blue and grey mixed in a warm or cool tone, so be sure to check out paint swatches if you are in the process of renovating your kitchen.

What about Wood Kitchens?

Continuing from last year, I'm loving that you can bring in natural woods with cabinets, furniture and accessories. if you still have wood kitchen cabinets and are loathe to rip this out in favour of painted cabinets, why not strip them back and finish in a more natural wood tint. It's all about letting the natural beauty of wood shine through with wood grain visible to lend warmth to the kitchen.







What Kitchen Colours for 2020?

If you are thinking about installing a new kitchen, or repainting your existing kitchen cabinets, take a look at some of the colour suggestions for this year. These colours range from subtle pastels to rich, dark hues, all of which lend themselves beautifully to creating an elegant kitchen that complements warm wood accents and natural stone or timber floors.

From not-quite-pinks and blues to deepest blues, these are the colours predicted to be popular during 2020, with a few others as well, but we're not sure you're going to like bright pink or yellow kitchens. These colours are also practical if you decide to go for 2-colours in your kitchen. Keep it light and bright up at the top to give your kitchen a sense of space, and let the dark cabinets closer to the floor make it easier to keep your kitchen clean and ground the cabinets.



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