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Practical Storage Solutions for a Kitchen

The best-designed kitchen is one that is all about storage, and the more storage the better, which is why these unique storage solutions should be on your list.


We all want a kitchen that is well designed, one that has plenty of storage for everything and everything close to hand. But that isn't always the case and that's why we think these unique storage solutions should be on your list of must-haves for your new kitchen installation or kitchen renovation.







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Space to Store Everything

A pantry is an essential part of any kitchen; it's where you store monthly groceries, items you use regularly, or even stockpile essentials for future use. Most modern kitchen designs don't even consider a large pantry but rather place emphasis on a corner cupboard that takes up very little space and offers minimal storage. Not to mention that these cupboards are not easily accessible, making it even harder to find what you are looking for.


If you are planning a kitchen renovation or installing the kitchen of your dreams, make sure that you consider all the options for a pantry that gives you plenty of - organised - storage space and easy access to everything in there. There are plenty of easy ways to work around the lack of space in a kitchen by moving the pantry to a dining room and finishing the cupboard to match the decor in that room. If you have an alcove that is close by, look at how this can be converted into pantry space.







These days, there are so many products, hardware and easy DIY solutions for designing and assembling a custom pantry that there isn't an excuse you can use for not doing this as a project unless of course, you are useless with power tools, in which case you can hire a handyman or contractor to do the job for you.







Undersink Storage for Maximum Capacity

The storage space under a sink or draining board is usually a mess of cleaning products and odds and ends, but with some clever pullout storage shelves or baskets, this area can be used to house all your cleaning products and supplies in such a way that everything is at your fingertips.

Consider your current storage requirements and determine what needs to be added to make the most of your existing space. More often than not cupboards just need a bit of modification to fit pullout drawers or baskets or add shelves. Stores such as Builders and Gelmar offer a variety of hardware for adding drawers and baskets, so pop onto their websites or browse through the stores and make a note of what's available and what would work for your kitchen.



Organise those Pots and Pans

One area of kitchen storage that annoys me the most is that for pots and pans. I don't have long pullout drawers for all my pots and pans and end up emptying the cupboard if I want one that's right at the back. When you are rushed for time after a hard day at work and the family is moaning because they're hungry, the last thing you want is to have to dig out what you need and then have to put it all back. Urgh.




Imagine being able to pull out a drawer and have everything you need at your fingertips. In the modern kitchen, cupboards are replaced by drawers on silent runners that slide in and out with ease, allowing you to find what you need immediately. And for those thinking you couldn't possibly afford something like that, once again you will find everything you need at Builders or Gelmar to make your own pullout drawers to replace impractical cupboards.


Space for a Coffee Bar

Today's modern kitchens need more space than ever before. It's all about convenience and luxury at the touch of a button. Kitchens are not just about prepping and cooking, there's also washing and cleaning and possibly even laundry - all in a single space. Then there is also space required for a coffee station with enough room to house a coffee machine, pods, ground coffee, frother and more. If you're serious about coffee, you might even want to dedicate a large space as a dedicated coffee station.

For the serious coffee lover who only needs a cup or two a day, it may only be necessary to find enough cupboard and countertop space for a coffee machine and a few accessories.


Clever Storage for a Compact Kitchen

Where space is limited and your kitchen is not a large area, you need to be very clever when planning your storage needs. Sometimes it is necessary to think outside the box - or the kitchen in this instance - and look for storage where it might not usually be found.


Any space not fully utilized is wasted space when it could be put to good use for storage. Even the smallest space can be used for one kind of storage or another, so think carefully when planning a kitchen layout.



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