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Quick Project: More Countertop Space in a Small Kitchen

Adding a drop-down countertop or table in a small kitchen gives you more countertop space to work and a place to sit down for casual meals.




Anyone who lives in a townhouse, especially one built in the last few years, knows that developers provide limited space in open plan kitchen, dining and living areas. As a result of this, many homeowners who have limited floor space either have to settle for a small dining suite that takes up as little space as possible or they could consider this option. Installing a fold-down countertop or table is a very simple project and all the materials you need are readily available at most hardware stores.









A drop-down folding countertop is perfect for a compact kitchen and provides an extra bit of countertop space.





What makes this project so quick and easy is that you can purchase drop-down folding brackets at Leroy Merlin at a cost of R360.00 each. Over and above the cost of [2] brackets and screws required is the cost for the countertop or tabletop material. These folding brackets are secured onto the wall using screws and wall plugs, preferably nylon, and allow the countertop or tabletop to be lifted when in use or folded down against the wall when no longer needed. This means that even in a small kitchen it won't get in the way.










Drill plus assorted bits

Spirit level

Wall plugs and screws

Screw to mount top





Step 1

To install the folding bracket, use a spirit level to mark the location onto a wall at the height that you want to install the folding countertop or table.



Step 2

Mark the location for mounting the folding bracket onto the wall. If you can't push a pencil through the mounting holes on the bracket, use a screw or nail to mark the wall where you need to drill holes for mounting the folding bracket. Drill the holes using a drill bit diameter that is the same as the wall plugs. Push in the wall plugs.



Step 3

Have someone hold the folding bracket in place while you screw it into the wall plugs.







Step 4

Now that the folding brackets are firmly mounted onto the wall, you can install the countertop or tabletop in your choice of material. The top is secured by driving screws through the underside of the brackets. Keep in mind the thickness of the top determines the length of screws you need to use to attach the top.



A drop-down or folding countertop or tabletop provides the ideal solution for extra countertop space or a place where you can sit for casual meals.



The material you choose for the countertop or tabletop can be anything from pine or hardwood, Formica LifeSeal countertop, MelaWood, bamboo or plywood. The material chosen should be at least 16mm in thickness. Depending on the material you choose, you may also need to apply paint or interior varnish or sealer to provide protection.





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