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Faux Kitchen Splashback

Here's a great idea to try if you're looking for a new kitchen backsplash. Stencils offer an easy way to design your own faux splashback.


When wanting to give a kitchen a makeover, you might want to look at adding texture and pattern to a plain kitchen. A kitchen backsplash provides a wonderful opportunity to use paint and stencils to introduce a new look to your old kitchen. In the images shown here you can see how a stencil has been used to create a faux backsplash with paint - an inexpensive alternative to tiling your walls.

Using stencils as an alternative to tiles can save you a fortune, plus you can choose a stencil design that adds wow factor to your kitchen. The designs shown here are from Royal Design Studio, who stock an impressive range of stencils for all surface, including walls.

Using stencils to create a faux backsplash may not be considered a permanent solution, but it's definitely one that will give you a few years breathing space to save up for a full-on kitchen revamp.

Encaustic tiles are expensive, but you can easily achieve the look and feel of these tiles using stencils. This kitchen shows how a pretty average space is transformed into a magazine-worthy kitchen - at a fraction of what it would cost to install tiles.

The work was undertaken by Siren Spaces and involved ripping out and replacing the entire house to have it ready to put on the market. Since budget was a big issue, the designers had to look at more inexpensive options to transform the living spaces.


In the second unit a Shibori Japanese Wall Stencil was used to create a simple black and white backsplash. The simple design doesn't quite pop as much as the first unit, but it does add enough style in this airy and clean kitchen revamp.

Rather than paint the entire wall, vertical panels were painted onto the centre sections of each wall.


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