Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Update

Considering updating your kitchen? If so, it is one of the best rooms to update in your home to increase the value of the home, along with updating bathrooms


The kitchen is acknowledged as the heart of the home - the hub of activity for you and your family - and more and more people want an open concept kitchen design that allows them to cook and entertain at the same time. A well-designed kitchen with good flow is a kitchen where you will enjoy cooking.

Research is necessary when renovating a kitchen, because what works for one person might not work for another who lives just down the road. Before you start ripping out and replacing a kitchen do your homework. Check on property values for homes close to you to see how much they sold for and that way you won't overspend on a renovating that might overcapitalise your home.

If you need to keep costs as low as possible, perhaps because you want to splurge on a few luxury items, look at how you can save in other ways:


Make your own cabinets

Putting your DIY skills to good use is one way to save on a kitchen renovating by making your own cabinets. Swapping out old, chipped and scratched cabinets with new will give your kitchen a brand new look - and making your own kitchen cabinets will save you a fortune.


Plan the layout carefully

When looking to save on costs, one area that will save you a lot is to keep to the existing layout as much as possible. Moving water and gas lines, or moving or installing extra plug points, will definitely push up the cost of a kitchen renovation, so you might want to leave existing pipes and outlets in place and work with other ideas to create your new kitchen.


Factor these services into your plan to see if there is any way to avoid having to call in a plumber or electrician. A single extra plug point can cost as much as R600, depending on how much work needs to be done, so try to avoid this unless absolutely necessary.

A 3 Day Kitchen Update

Take a good look at your existing kitchen and see what changes can be made without too much effort.  You may discover that with a few simple changes you can give a kitchen more space, make it better organised, or add extra storage if this is needed.

Painting is a quick fix that shouldn't cost too much and will introduce colour or brighten a dark kitchen . Also look at how you can swap out old handles for a more modern finishing touch on cabinets and cupboard.

Fitting a new window treatment might not seem like much, but once it's up you will be surprised at how something so simple can instantly change the room.

Top Tips for a Kitchen Upate

Space planning is extremely important when considering the design of your kitchen. Not only because of water lines and gas lines but because of any existing fixtures you plan on trying to keep or reuse. If you are planning on buying new appliances or keeping the same ones you need to make sure you leave enough room for them when redesigning any cabinetry.

When shopping for appliances be sure to buy the right size. Make sure that gorgeous double-door fridge will fit before you buy!

Valuable Walls

Make sure that you make use of all available space when designing or planning a kitchen. Cupboards that wrap around a wall make full use of wall space and provide essential storage. By using walls to the maximum you'll be getting value for money in the room by filling empty spaces.

Kitchen Ergonomics

Another important element you will want to consider is to ensure your kitchen is designed for maximum flow and function, especially if there is more than one cook in the family! Look at how ergonomic design will make the space great for cooking, storage, and possibly even entertaining.

If you use lots of spices and herbs when cooking, have a built-in spice rack close to the stove, making it easy to reach when cooking. Allow a drawer in floor cabinet for pots and pans - pull-out drawers make it easier to reach everything. If space allows, a pantry with pull-out shelves is a lifesaver in any kitchen. All of these things really help with the flow of our kitchen and storage.

Other things to consider for the best routine cooking experience are countertop height, positioning of hob and stove, etc. These elements work together to make your routine cooking more enjoyable!

Light Up a Kitchen

Consider your lighting plan and make sure it allows for different activities in a kitchen. A central ceiling fixture will light up the room but not where you are standing. Downlights mounted under cabinets will give you enough light - in addition to a central fixture - to perform routine tasks in a kitchen.


Compromise is the Key

Finally, always be prepared to compromise on some cosmetic updates, especially if you are hit with an unexpected renovation expense. It is far better to come in on budget and compromise on smaller things, than to go over budget just for cosmetic purposes.

Author: Sarah Callahan